Reach every customer in your contact list with this one simple trick

If you are only sending email communications, you could be neglecting a significant number of customers. Are your staff are busy and only capture mobile numbers when taking bookings? Or, Does the sign-up process in some of your business systems only require mobile? You may have a number of contacts who can only be reached […]

New to TalkBox – Emojis in SMS

In TalkBox, you can now add emojis in the body of your SMS.  🥳 Emojis take the form of the infamous yellow smiley🙂 or icons that represent actions🕺🏻, emotions😂 and objects 🍉. Emojis are a fun way to make your message stand out and boost engagement. Why use emojis? Capture your customer’s attentionIncrease engagement and clickthrough […]