Using SMS to cut through and re-engage customers – Case Study

How staying top of mind drove almost £5000 in sales for The Chesterford Group 

The instant and direct nature of SMS makes it hard to miss.

The Chesterford Group generated £4,939 of additional revenue using SMS to re-engage with customers who had not ordered in over 5 weeks.

This campaign was purposely sent on a quiet Tuesday evening without an offer proving some customers only need to be reminded about a business to make a purchase. The short succinct message reminded customers about their “award-winning fish and chips” and included a link to order. 

Example of The Chesterford Group’s SMS: 

Top of mind reminder SMS

While SMS involves a small cost, the ROI on a well-crafted campaign can bring in significant revenue.

The Chesterford Group sent an SMS to 5119 of their contacts for the total cost of  £148. This campaign helped to re-engage 208 customers and drive sales on what would usually be a quiet Tuesday evening. 

Over a 5-week period (5 quiet Tuesdays), the Chesterford Group generated £4,939 of additional revenue using SMS from customers who had not visited in the 5 weeks prior to the SMS campaign.

Staying top of mind is the easiest way to keep customers coming back. Regular communications with your customers across all platforms will keep your business from slipping and drive revenue. SMS marketing works to target customers in a direct and timely way reaching customers who might have missed your other marketing efforts.  

Why this worked:

Strong Call to action: The message included a link to order. 

Cut through: SMS reaches customers who have not engaged with other marketing efforts.

Timeliness: Sent when customers began to consider their next meal.
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook