How 1 SMS campaign brought in an additional 100 orders

Amore is one of Glasgow’s most loved and established Italian restaurants.

Government restrictions due to Covid-19 forced Amore to close its doors.

One month later, due to an overwhelming response from Facebook fans craving their favourite Italian cuisines Amore launched a takeaway and delivery service. 

Amore used TalkBox to promote their new business model and dramatically boosted sales by £3500 with SMS. 

SMS is a direct and immediate way to reach customers who may not engage with email marketing.  Amore brought in an additional 100 orders on the same day they sent an SMS campaign with TalkBox.  The SMS included a special discount and they added a link to the menu and other deals by selecting the ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor. 

See an example of the SMS below.

SMS’s power is often underutilised. If you’re worried that some folks might opt out, that’s ok. The result is a contact list of highly engaged and receptive customers who are willing to spend with you – not surprising as, after all, they were your customers to begin with.

Tips for sending an SMS to boost sales: 

  1. Offer a deal customers can’t refuse — A deal especially designed and set up for you in TalkBox
  2. Include additional information by selecting ‘add promotion’ as a link — Here you can create a TalkBox flyer with information such as your menu, how to order and opening hours  
  3. Keep it short and simple — SMS over 116 characters will be spread over 2 SMS and you will be charged accordingly 
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook

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