Locked down again?

Here’s what you can do to keep business moving.

Keep your customers informed and update them on your business operations. Staying top of mind benefits your business now, and when you reopen. Regular email and SMS communications can help keep customers engaged and your business moving.

  • Provide reassurance of COVID-19 safety measures
    Highlight what your business is doing to keep customers safe. This might seem obvious, but if you don’t tell customers what you’re doing they may go elsewhere.
  • Opening and closing times
    If your opening hours have changed due to restrictions, let your customers know and do it quickly. You don’t want customers to feel disappointed if they visit you and you are closed. An SMS will help your message reach every customer.
  • Menu update
    Do you have a great selection of heat-and-eat meals designed to enjoy at home? Promote your new menu and include a promotion to entice customers to try it. Send an SMS just before dinner time to get their attention.
  • Promote takeaway and delivery
    Remind your customers regularly about your takeaway and delivery offering with SMS. Include a promotion with limited validity to entice customers to respond to your call to action. Read how successful this strategy was for Italian eatery, Amore.
  • Booking tables
    Social distancing may mean you have reduced capacity. Remind your customers to book a table to avoid disappointment. Connect your booking platform with TalkBox so you can stay connected after their visit and invite them back.

Have you signed up for VisitSafe?
VisitSafe is a free contactless tool to record customer visits for Covid-19 contact tracing. Sign up here.