QikServe vouchers are now live in TalkBox

TalkBox accounts connected to QikServe can now issue vouchers directly. Leverage the power of behaviour based communications sent from TalkBox with the ease and convenience of your online ordering platform to get more orders, more often.   Why vouchers?  Vouchers are a great way to help keep your business moving and to get more orders more … Read more

Get more out of TalkBox with our July TalkBox tips

1. Sell more functions with recurring automated communications Recurring automations in TalkBox are configured to resend at a pre-set intervals. Regularly remind your customers of your great events facilities, automatically. Learn how to set up recurring automations. 2. Stay ahead of busy periods with our online ordering partners QikServe and Mr Yum. QikServe’s touchless ordering and payment … Read more

Kick start 2021 with the Impact Data email health check

Think email marketing is dead? Think again!  Let’s be honest, it’s not a new headline as the demise of email marketing has been anticipated by a few for some time. 2020 proved that it’s hardly dead, but rather a vital tool that helped many businesses survive, and some even flourish, during the turbulent period brought … Read more

How to start a loyalty program or update your current one

Loyalty programs can add to the overall brand experience and keep customers coming back. Whether you are starting a new from scratch or giving your current one a makeover. Here are our top tips to see real return on your loyalty program. 1. Clearly define your value proposition for members Points, visits, mystery rewards…all have … Read more

The anatomy of a successful customer engagement strategy

customer engagement strategy image

Did you know up to 80% of customers don’t return to a business, even if they have joined a database? Whether your business has a customer database or a full-blown loyalty program, the key is to define your customer engagement strategy and execute it well for every customer. There are four parts to a successful … Read more

How to stay busy all year long with Impact Data

You are busy now, that is great! But what if you could use the traffic you have during this time to give a quieter period a boost?  Imagine in six months time if you could drive sales on a slow day when you need it most?  Well, here’s how; Capture every customer.  Do you have … Read more