Local restriction tier system tips- what to say to your customers

Remove the confusion and let them know you are open

The tiered system that comes in to play on December 3rd may mean changes for your business. It’s important to let your customers know if you’re open and to what degree.

Clear and regular communications will remove any confusion that may affect whether a customer will purchase from you, and keep your business top of mind when restrictions ease. 

Read on for our list of ways you can communicate with your customers depending on what tier your business is located in. 

Tier 3 – Promote your Takeaway and keep customers engaged. 

  • Takeaway – Send regular reminders about your takeaway. SMS has proved to be a great way to drive sales and reach every customer.
    TIP: Promote specials and add a link to your menu by selecting ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor.  Learn how one business received an additional 100 orders from just one SMS here.
  • Gift Vouchers – A great way to boost cash flow and a popular gift. Promote your gift vouchers with SMS before Christmas. 
  • Christmas and New Years bookings – Let your customers know about booking and availability for Christmas and New Years Eve. If you haven’t opened bookings, a communication titled ‘bookings opening soon’ is a great way to make sure your customers open and read your emails. 

Tier 2 – We are open, with some restrictions in place

All communication ideas from tier 3 plus…

  • Open / Closing times – Now that opening hours are restricted, let your customers know.  Include information on how to book and promote your takeaway food and beverage.
    TIP: Send this message via SMS to reach every customer. 
  • Incentivise a visit – Restrictions may mean limited foot traffic, which means a reduction in new customers. Prioritise your loyal customers and your contact list in TalkBox to keep business moving. Send customers an attractive offer to bring them back.  
  • Covid Safe procedures – It’s important to outline your Covid safe procedure. Include a link in every communication so that customers know what to expect when visiting you. 

Tier 1We are open, and keeping you safe and keeping you safe

Sad to say this only covers 1% of the population.  Hopefully, the government will address this through pressure by hospitality leaders & MPs so that more businesses move into Tier 1.

Want more? 

There is always something you can talk to your customers about. Here are a few more ideas to keep customers engaged when they can’t physically visit you.

  • Sending Christmas greetings from staff and management
  • Meal boxes a group customer can enjoy from different locations 
  • Promote hampers of your wine or condiments selection
  • Local news
  • Recipes from your chef 
  • Promote special festive menus 

If you want help connecting with your customers when they can’t visit you talk to us today. hello@impactdata.co.uk