Have you used TalkBox to send an SMS to your customers? It’s time to start.

SMS is a powerful tool to help drive business.

Italian eatery ‘Amore’, brought in an additional 100 orders and £3500 in a single day with just one SMS campaign. How? By including a special discount and adding a link to the menu by selecting the ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor, enticed a significant number of customers to take up the offer.

Why use SMS?

1. Get the immediate attention of your customers
The majority of SMS are opened within 90 seconds of being delivered.

2. Reach more customers than any other marketing tool
Customers do not apply the same level of filtering to SMS than other forms of marketing.

3. Get your message read
Delivered directly into your customer’s hand. The short and succinct format demands attention; customers don’t need to scroll through long emails to find out what you are trying to promote.

When to use SMS

1. Last-minute promotions 

Make sure your dining room is at capacity or promote the nightly meal special.

2. Keep customers engaged
Send weekly reminders to your customers to keep them engaged and remind them about your offering.

3. Update them on business operations
New menu? New management or opening hours? It’s a great way to keep customers informed and stay top of mind

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook