Getting a second visit with SMS – Case Study

A popular regional NSW hotel used SMS to recover over 600 customers who had only visited once.

Before using TalkBox, like many hospitality venues, this venue faced low rates of repeat visits. 

Connecting TalkBox to their booking platform meant the hotel could engage with patrons who had previously booked and dined in the bistro. To encourage customers to return quickly, they sent an SMS  with a voucher that expired in 30 days.

The campaign immediately proved to be a success, with 131 customers returning within just seven days.

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SMS Exmaple

The hotel was able to maximise redemptions using the clever tools in TalkBox to automatically remind customers about unused vouchers. A few days before the voucher expired, customers received a reminder via SMS. This reminder message effectively brought in an additional 107 customers through the door. 

Voucher reminders can be automatically set up in TalkBox when creating your voucher. The immediate nature of this SMS paired with the voucher’s irresistible offer helped the Hotel successfully recover over 600 customers

Why this worked

Irresistible offer – The SMS included a 2-4-1 meal voucher 

Timing – the SMS was sent before a weekend so customers could quickly plan their visit 

Reminder message – Reminding customers of unused vouchers worked to maximise redemptions
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Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook