Re-opening your business, with help from our partner, Social Distancing Signs

Create a better reopening experience with Impact Data and Social Distancing Signs, our fellow Melbourne based business.  Social Distancing Signs, created to be compliant in a way that makes customers feel welcomed and safe.

An essential part of a re-opening strategy is ensuring that customers can see the changes you have made to make them feel safe.  The ‘theatre of cleaning’ and the list of changes businesses have made such as sanitiser stations and staff wearing masks has been the subject of many member emails.  This helps members and customers understand that the venue prioritises their safety, and communicating this has helped business get customers back through their doors.  

Stylish and branded signage in your premises plays an important role in staying compliant and communicating the new rules to your customers.

Think about things like:

  • Adding your branding to social distancing floor graphics.
  • Adding your QR Code to your signage around the venue so customers can easily check-in. 
  • Show off your new signage in your customer communications and on your website. This will help customers know what to expect when they come into your venue

A new range of floor graphics, pull up banners, posters or even flyers for your venue, will ensure customers are reminded to keep socially distant and adhere to the latest guidelines. There are a wide range of Government and generic Covid graphics to choose from, or the design team can also create customised graphics upon request.

The team at Social Distancing Signs have invested in a range of state-of-the-art printers that produce images that deliver unsurpassed quality of colour and finish. Taking great pride in  customer service and quality of work, they are the preferred supplier to many of Melbourne’s best known pubs and clubs. They are supplying flyers to large format posters, printed in their Melbourne factory to ensure speed and quality.

Talk to Social Distancing Signs about how they can help your business with its reopening plans

 (03) 9889

Want to know what your customers really think?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a benchmark used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction from an interaction with your business. It asks customers not to score the business, rather to rate their likelihood to recommend the business to a friend. It is calculated based on responses to a single question: ‘how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend’

Respondents rate between a scale 1-10 and in doing so configure themselves as:
‘Promoters’ (giving a 9 or 10 score), 
‘Passives’ (giving a 7 or 8 score) 
‘Detractors’ (giving a 0 to 6 score). 

In TalkBox, you can automatically send a communication that includes an NPS feedback survey after a customer had an interaction with your business such as:

  • After a purchase or a visit. 
  • After a milestone visit. 
  • At regular intervals such as every 6 months. 
  • After the release of a new menu, new product or change of management.

NPS can provide invaluable insights into your business.  Customers have the option to add a comment after submitting their score giving you further information about customers true attitude towards your business. Based on their score it’s a good idea to send a follow-up communication. 

Promoters – Direct them to leave a review of your business. 
Passives – Ask what could be improved, perhaps include a voucher to invite them back and get a second chance. 
Detractors –  or email and include a voucher or discount code to be used if they return for another visit.  You may also want to follow up directly with a phone call.

Want to know more about NPS and how it can work for your business? Get in touch today.

UK Govt calls for mandatory track and tracing; Impact Data has you covered with VisitSafe

The UK government has acted to force hospitality businesses to capture details of customers from September 14 to allow for track and tracing for COVID-19.  This action which has been optional until now means it’s time to get your business sorted. Impact Data is here to help with our application VisitSafe. 

Impact Data, created VisitSafe to help businesses re-open, confident they are keeping the community safe.

VisitSafe is a contactless solution allowing customers to use their own devices to add the details about their visit when entering a venue. Guest details are securely stored and can be retrieved by that business at any time. Businesses simply log on to, register and then share the URL or QR code with their customers. 

As well as capturing guests details to comply with government guidelines, VisitSafe gives your customers the options to opt-in for marketing. Sending business updates, and inviting guests to return is a fantastic way to keep driving business. Melbourne Restaurant Embla used their opted-in VisitSafe customers to double their takeaway orders.  Want to know how? Read more here.

Opt-in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account. 

Thousands of businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the UK have already signed up for VisitSafe,  with almost 3 million visits recorded safely.  VisitSafe is a completely free service and takes less than 1 minute to sign up. Impact Data has built this platform to help businesses open and stay open.  For more details go to 

Make your first impression count

Sending an SMS or email just after a customer has visited you or signed up is a great way to keep your customers engaged and drive loyalty. This type of message is important to get right because it can be the easiest way to turn a first-timer into a loyal repeat customer. Remember if they have ‘opted-in’ to receive marketing communications from you, they want to hear from your business. Here are a few ways you can improve your ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thanks for visiting’ communications.

Thanks and Welcome
Saying ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thanks’ lets your customers know you appreciate them. Address them by their first name by adding a merge field into your subject line or the body of your email. Learn more about merge fields here.

Get in quick
Sending your communication just after the initial visit will capture customers when their interest in your business is at its peak.  Send on the day of or the day after your customer has visited you.

Tell your story 
Introduce your business and let your customers explore and learn about your business by including links to your website and social media. Tell them what to expect when receiving these communications.  Information such keep your eye out for our emails which include special promotions, new products and competitions. 

Ask them to add your address
Remind your customers to add your sender address to their contacts in their email account. This will prevent future communications from getting lost or ending up in their spam. ‘A sentence such ‘add our email to your contact list so you don’t miss out on anything!’ is a great way to keep the relationship going. 

Include an offer they can’t resist
Getting a 2nd visit is the first step towards transforming a first and only time visitor into a loyal customer. Guarantee a 2nd visit with an irresistible offer such as a voucher to spend on their next visit or a 2-4-1 deal so they can introduce a friend to your business.  

Ask for feedback 
A first time visitor is valuable for your bottom line but can also give you a fresh insight into your business. Including a Net Promoter Score feedback survey (NPS) in your welcome communication can help discover aspects of your business that may need improvement or even help you get more reviews on popular review platforms.  Learn about NPS here.

2 Million safe visits and counting

VisitSafe is helping businesses all over the world keep their customers safe by safely and securely recording customer contact details for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Did you know VisitSafe customers can elect to be added to your marketing database as they check-in? These customers are the most recent and highly engaged audience and can help keep your business moving.

We helped Melbourne restaurant, Embla, connect with their customers and double takeaway orders in one weekend.

Connecting VisitSafe to their Impact Data TalkBox account meant customers who opted-in to receive marketing communications were now added to their contact list.

Their list was compiled of their most recent and highly engaged customers and proved to be an incredibly valuable tool that they used to keep business moving.

The response from sending just one email was so overwhelming they needed to increase the capacity for orders that weekend and still sold out. Read more here.

Embla now sends regular communications with TalkBox to drive over 60% sales of their takeaway and delivery menu every week.

If you already have TalkBox you can automatically add them. Click here to read how.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that might help

How can I tell if someone is checked in?
You can see on your customer’s device that they have checked-in and you can check your latest check-ins at

My customers are having some issues using the QR code, what should I do?
Some phones might have issues reading a QR code so simply direct your customers to access it via your unique URL, e.g.

How long is the data kept for?
Data is kept for 57 days, as the longest requirement is 56 days. However, contacts that have opted in for marketing will kept until you want to access them.

How can I use the contact data where marketing consent has been provided?
This data is available for extraction directly from your VisitSafe account. Impact Data can also load this data directly into your Impact Data TalkBox account. Don’t have TalkBox? Click here to ask us about setting up your free 1 month trial.

Father’s Day – Dads deserve to be spoilt too!

Let’s face it Father’s Day (1st Sunday in September)  isn’t quite the same retail and hospitality occasion that Mother’s Day is, but there is no reason why it can’t be with a little imagination and preparation. 

We have compiled a list of  great ideas to help make Dad’s day and give your business a boost. 

If you are a hospitality business….

  • Vouchers are a great option, but why not include a keepsake your customer can take home to remember the special day.  A small hamper, a house made condiment or a cookbook that continues the experience for every voucher that gets redeemed.  
  • Create a Father’s Day breakfast or brunch – you might want to prioritise sending it to your most engaged customers first as a pre-sale opportunity.  If you haven’t connected your booking platform with TalkBox then contact us for help.
  • Run a promotion to get kids to tell you why their Dad is the greatest, use the content on your socials and select a winner for a BBQ Pack, meal for 2 or sports experience.  This is a great promotion to run in the lead up to Fathers Day and can help build your database. 
  • Think people might dine at home?  Then create a dine at home pack that people can order for delivery to multiple addresses at the same time.  Is your delivery partner on the list of Impact Data Partners? Check them out and get connected so you can keep building your database. 
  • Got a chef with charisma? Combine your dine at home pack with a video cooking class. You can simply record it, add it to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and then add the link on a flyer in your pack or even add a voucher to book a private session
  • Famous for your wine list?  Why not organise a Dinner with wine pairings to showcase your bolder wine styles and sell tickets via your booking partner or a ticketing platform.
  • Work with your suppliers to create an at home wine and dinner pack.  Create a meal experience with matching wines customers can enjoy at their own pace.
  • Why not work with the other local businesses in your area and get creative:
    • Dads Night Out – a meal at your restaurant, movie tickets and a drink voucher for afterwards at the late night bar.
    • Dads Night In – Delivery a dinner from your business  and include a selection of gifts for Dad from retailers in your area. This could include the latest sports book from your local bookstore or some slippers from the specialty retailer.
    • Dads Night Off – a family friendly event where kids eat free and get an entertainment pack from the newsagent to give Dad some quiet time over dinner.
    • Dads Night Away – dinner at your venue with a voucher for the local B&B or hotel.
    • Dads Sports Night – got a big screen?  Queue up a night or day where sports blockbusters are sure to fill the house. Create a menu and drinks offer that kids can buy for Dad and his mates.

For retail:

  • Talk to your local restaurant and cafe and come up with some hampers and experiences that you can both market to your database.
  • Run a promotion to your customer database to win a Father’s Day Prize for Dad.
  • Send an email showcasing your Father’s Day range that can be delivered direct to Dad.

For all businesses:

  • Once you have decided what you are doing as your Father’s Day promotion you need to let your customers know!
  • Plan communications in the lead up about your Father’s Day gift ideas.  Communicate different offers to different segments of your database.  Eg. if you can identify your top spenders you might showcase some of the more premium offerings

And lastly, save everyone’s bacon and grab sales from those last-minute (forgetful) children and send an SMS reminder on Saturday about Father’s Day. Select ‘add promotion’  include links to products that can be purchased easily online such as gift vouchers. 

Got an idea you would like to share?  Contact us at 

Impact Data partner Mr Yum helping connect you with customers within 5km

Mr Yum is an online ordering platform that lets customers order from their own device whether they are down the street, on their couch or at a table inside your venue.  Impact Data integrates with Mr Yum so you can stay connected with customers who order via this platform. 

In response to stage 4 restrictions, Mr Yum is launching a ‘Find & order yummy takeaway within 5km from your home!’ so you can get found by local customers.

Customers will enter in their address and see all venues within 5km of them. List your venue on this support local page to reach more customers within 5km. 

It is FREE to list, no ongoing fees, and takes 2 minutes to sign up. Mr Yum has also reduced its fees for all Victorian venues during stage 4.

To find out more or Sign up visit  –

Using Mr Yum?
Connect it to your TalkBox account so you can keep all these new customers coming back. If you need some inspiration to help promote your take away read our tips on telling your takeaway story here. 

Want to boost takeaway sales?
SMS has proved to be a powerful tool to help reach every customer and drive sales of their takeaway offering. Read about how one Syndey restaurant received and additional 150 order just from one SMS campaign here. 

Find more tips on how to use SMS to dramatically boost your sales during this time here.

Talk to us today if you need help getting connected.

Have you used TalkBox to send an SMS to your customers? It’s time to start.

SMS is an incredibly valuable tool that gets results. This month we are offering businesses 350 FREE credits, with a value of £10.15. 1 SMS = 1 credit. Why not try SMS and see the results for yourself?

Claim your free credits here.

SMS is a powerful tool to help drive business.
Italian eatery ‘Amore’, brought in an additional 100 orders and £3500 in a single day with a just one SMS campaign. Including a special discount and adding a link to the menu by selecting the ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor, enticed a significant number of customers to take up on the offer and order.

Why use SMS?
1. Get the immediate attention of your customers
The majority of SMS are opened within 90 seconds of being delivered.

2. Reach more customers than any other marketing tool
Customers do not apply the same level of filtering to SMS than other forms of marketing.

3. Get your message read
Delivered directly into your customer’s hand. The short and succinct format demands attention; customers don’t need to scroll through long emails to find out what you are trying to promote.

TIP: Add your menu and link to additional information by selecting ‘add promotion.’

When to use SMS
1. Last-minute promotions 

Make sure your dining room is at capacity or promote the nightly meal special.

2. Keep customers engaged
Send weekly reminders to your customers to keep them engaged and remind them about your offering.

3. Update them on business operations
New menu? New management or opening hours? It’s a great way to keep customers informed and stay top of mind

How VisitSafe helped Melbourne restaurant through lockdown 2.0

Award-winning restaurant Embla had only just welcomed their much-loved guests back before the second round of lockdown was announced for Melbourne in July.  The popular CBD wine bar and restaurant previously had a no-booking policy, and every night the dining room was buzzing, with a long waitlist of hopeful diners and Jazz blasting on the stereo. The new guidelines for businesses introduced post-lockdown meant drastic operational changes.  Embla now needed to take bookings, record guest details, limit capacity, and they may have even turned the music down, a little bit.

The second round of lockdown came hard and fast and meant relaunching their weekly set menu for delivery and take away. This time they used digital marketing platform TalkBox by Impact Data to promote it and tapped into their most recent and highly engaged customer list they had been building for a short time with VisitSafe and their online booking system.  After just one email to their contact list, they generated over $5000 in additional revenue. 

To adhere with requirements for contact tracing, Embla asked their guests to register their visits using VisitSafe.  When registering their visit customers could also opt-in to receive marketing communications from that business. Approximately 12% of customers have agreed to receive marketing communications when registering their visit. 

Never having sent an email communication before, Embla was initially unsure of how receptive their customers would be. The response from customers was so overwhelming they needed to increase the capacity for orders for that weekend and still sold out.  Open rates were over 60%, which proved Embla’s customers were keen to receive updates from their favourite city wine bar. 

‘We had no idea how receptive our customers would be, we didn’t realise they still want to hear from us when they aren’t here. We had our biggest weekend since lockdown thanks to just one email campaign.’ Embla manager – Andrew Green

Having a highly engaged and invested customer base can be a safeguard and help keep business moving. Embla now sends regular communications with TalkBox to drive over 60% sales of their takeaway and delivery menu every week.

By capturing and unlocking the customer data from systems that are already in your business, you can build an audience that wants to hear from you quickly.  Talk to the team at Impact Data today on how you can stay connected with your customers and drive your business.

Talk to us today about how we can help you connect with your customers.

It’s time for #TakeawayTuesday with TalkBox

The team at Restaurant and Catering Australia have been supporting members in many ways during these difficult times.  In fact, they have been supporting the industry since 1922.  In 2020 with many venues closed during the early stages of the pandemic, they created a campaign #EatAloneTogether to help drive takeaway business sales.  This campaign in conjunction with Entertainment and Unilever Food Solutions has now evolved into #TakeawayTuesday.

Many restaurants embraced takeaway during the lockdown, proving that takeaway can be a valuable revenue source. Creating awareness and leveraging off a national campaign, venues can create a new reason to engage customers on a traditionally quiet evening.  

An added benefit of launching takeaway, is that many venues added providers that collect and pass on customer details.  This can help a business rapidly build a database of engaged and recent customers.  

To support this campaign the team at Impact Data have created a dedicated #TakeawayTuesday email template in your account.

To find it simply navigate to: Communications>Create new>Email>Business Critical Emails.

All you need to do is update the links to your ordering partner and menu.  This is a typical TalkBox template that can be easily updated to suit your needs and branding. 

SMS is a really effective way to get attention and boost your Tuesday sales. SMS communications reach more customers than any other marketing tool and can help promote campaigns on the day they are valid. Remember to select SMS when you are setting up your campaign.  This type of campaign is perfect for SMS, learn about how one Impact Data’s customers bought in an additional 100 orders with one simple SMS.

So let’s make every Tuesday #TakeawayTuesday and remember to get your customers to share their experience on your social media pages with the #TakeawayTogether tag.

Need some more inspiration?  Read about ‘telling your takeaway story’ here.