How to build your contactable database & carded play

Get more from your loyalty program by improving contact-ability and carded play rates.

Your loyalty program should provide insights into who your best customers are and the effectiveness of your loyalty membership offering. However many gaming venues face the challenges of members who are not contactable; those who did not provide a valid email or mobile number upon sign up and low carded play rates.  

Here’s a guide to help you improve contact-ability and carded play rates so that you can understand who your best customers and get more from your loyalty program.

1. What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Can your staff clearly explain why a customer should become a member?

Do you offer member pricing, points on spend, free meals on your birthday?  All of the above and more?  All of your staff need to have a complete understanding of how it works and relay the information about joining plus all the benefits of membership.

TIP: A welcome email that follows every sign up to reminds customers about the value of what they signed up for. You could even ask for feedback in that message to understand how effective your staff may have been in creating a great first impression. 

2. Asking every customer if they are a member

Train your staff to ask every customer if they are a member and encourage them to join if they aren’t.  If the customer is a member, remind them they need to use their member card across the venue to reap all the rewards of your program.

Consider a staff bonus program for the most sign-ups or a whole of venue reward if carded play rates increase.

3. Create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is a major driver of consumer behaviour so why not tap into it?  Put ads on your digital and POS screens, publish member pricing on your menus and invite members to first access to book for major events.

Get the message out amongst your members to generate excitement and include images of customers winning member-only promotions in your newsletters.

4. Offer a points bonus promotion

If points can be accrued across the bistro and gaming room why not offer a bonus points promotion to drive carded play?  Make it accessible and of good value to all members, not just your top players to encourage more activity.

5. Member Draws are a winner

Make sure the criteria for your member draw includes that the customers have used their card in a specified number of days to qualify for the draw.  

TIP: Send an SMS to all members on the day of the draw to let them know what the value is. Remind them they need to be present and have swiped their card to be eligible to win.

6. Send a communication to members on screen and on the kiosk

If you can filter customers who are not contactable or are unsubscribed but may still be using a member card to accrue points, you can send them a message on the kiosk or on the service screen. Invite them to update their details at reception. 

7. Send an email and SMS to customers 

Use your TalkBox account to engage with all of your customers regularly. Vouchers can be included in any communication and are a great way to drive repeat visits.  If you have worked hard to build your database and carded play, it’s time to reap the rewards by contacting your members to get them back to your venue.  

If you want help getting more from your loyalty program, talk to us today.

‘Likes’ don’t get bums on seats – Why your business needs more than social media

Social media is an essential part of your marketing strategy but likes and shares don’t often convert into paying customers. Constantly changing algorithms, challenges in ‘stopping the scroll’ or simply posting at the wrong time, could mean that your customers don’t see your beautifully crafted content.

So, how do you reach customers directly, ensure your message gets received and they visit you? It’s likely your business already has the tools that can help retain more customers and get them back quicker. 

Customer, transactional and visitation data from your businesses systems such as POS, Guest WiFi or booking platform can connect you to your audience and get you more visits. The best part is that, unlike social media, this data is generated by your business and is owned by your business so that you can remarket to them, easily and cheaply. 

At Impact Data we gather your data in our marketing application, TalkBox. With your audience in one place, you can send email and SMS to influence behaviour, create demand and increase visits.

Customers who have opted-in to receive marketing communications want to hear from your business. Engagement rates for email and SMS dominate over all other marketing streams. We recorded average open rates for email of 18%, considerably higher than Facebook’s organic reach of 5.2%.

Email and SMS offer personalisation that cannot be achieved with social media. Not only can you address each customer by their first name, but the data in your business means you can understand their behaviour and react accordingly. 

An Impact Data customer retention solution analyses and transforms your data and automatically triggers messages based on a visit, spend level or anything else we know about your customer.  

  • Say happy birthday and help them celebrate
  • Thank them for visiting and ask for feedback
  • Recover a customer who hasn’t visited in 60 days
  • Reward a customer for their loyalty 

Email, SMS and social media should all have a place in your marketing strategy, but it might be time to assess where you put your efforts and budget.  Social media might help you attract new customers, but what do you have in place to keep them? Research done by Frederick Reichheld (Bain & Company) shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can boost profits by 25-95%. Our automated customer retention solution works to send the right message to the right customer at the right time to get them back which is critical to achieving this sort of profit result.

If you want to learn more about how we help businesses connect with their customers and get more visits, talk to us today. 

New to sending email and SMS? Read our secrets to successful communications report.

Redcat and Impact Data, experts in hospitality loyalty are coming together for Foodservice Australia 2021

New dates announced! Visit us at Stand B24

Think a loyalty program is just for rewarding your best customers? 
Visit us at Foodservice Australia, and we’ll show you how to leverage your loyalty program to influence demand and really drive sales. 

Redcat’s sophisticated POS and loyalty combined with an Impact Data automated customer retention solution connects you with your customers to get more visits. 

We collect your customer, transactional and visitation data from your Redcat POS and other systems in your business such as booking platforms and Guest WiFi. With all of your customer data in one application, you now have the best chance to influence behaviour, create demand and of course, increase visits & sales.

We analyse and transform your data, then automatically trigger messages based on a visit, absence of a visit or customer profile information.  

Learn from the best as we demonstrate how one iconic QSR brand utilises the power of Redcat and Impact Data to drive their loyalty program. We’ll take you on a customer journey so you can understand how our automated customer retention solution works to engage, retain and surprise & delight customers.  

We understand where your customer is at on their journey with you.  It’s like having your own team of analysts working to drive your business. 

  • Onboard and welcome new customers
  • Recover lost customers
  • Drive business on a slow day 
  • Keep regulars engaged
  • ….All automatically.
Don’t have a loyalty program? 

You might want to consider starting one. Adam Posner’s ‘For Love or Money’ 2021 report found that 48 per cent of consumers tend to stay loyal to brands whose loyalty programs they are members of, and even more so for Gen Z (63 per cent).

Want to know more?

Visit us at Foodservice on stand B24 August 24 -26, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre. Register for your free ticket.

Can’t make it to Foodservice? 

Connect with our team to talk about customer retention today.

Take the work out of Player Activity Statements

The PAS Module for TalkBox

Impact Data helps Victorian Gaming venues use data in their businesses to better engage with and understand their customers and automate communications associated with membership and loyalty programs 

In Victoria, every year gaming venues need to issue all players a Player Activity Statement. This task can be challenging, time-consuming and costly if it’s sent by mail.

By working with our partners, Impact Data has made it easier for customers who are also MAX Performance Solutions to automatically manage your venue’s Player Activity Statements.

Introducing the PAS Module for TalkBox.  It combines automated emails & SMS and a function that will suspend members if required, all without you having to do a thing.

How it works:

  • We work with you to create email or SMS templates that notify members when they need to view their PAS statement on the kiosk
  • There are two reminders sent. If the member doesn’t access their PAS statement on the kiosk or request one from your staff, their membership will automatically be suspended until they do
  • The messages are sent as non-marketing communication which means even if the customer isn’t subscribed for marketing they will receive these critical communications

What’s in it for your venue:

  • Improve your compliance with VCGLR requirements
  • Reduce your mailing costs
  • No more importing and exporting files between IGT and TalkBox ensuring accuracy
  • Time-saving as this process will run every day as required

To talk to us about the PAS Module for TalkBox, contact

Getting ready to reopen?

Here’s your checklist for a successful reopening.

1. Plan your communications
There is a great deal of information to communicate to your customers before and after you reopen. It’s a good idea to plan your communications to ensure you cover it all.

Need help? Download our communications planner.

2. Review and connect additional data sources to TalkBox
Did you add or update your online ordering, WiFi, table reservations or EPOS during lockdown?

Check out our partners, and let’s get you connected.

3. Connect VisitSafe to TalkBox
If your business is using our free tool VisitSafe, to record and store customer visits for COVID-19 contact tracing connect it to your TalkBox account. This means customers who opt-in for marketing will be automatically added to your contact list.

4. Reactivate birthday communications
If your birthday message was paused during lockdown, check your offer and reactivate the communication when you reopen. Get in touch if you need help reactivating.

For customers whose birthday occurred during lockdown, it might be a good idea to let them know you didn’t forget. Use the filters in TalkBox to send a ‘Happy birthday’ communication to anyone who had a birthday during the lockdown period.

5 . Tell customers you are open
A ‘We are back’ SMS, with a link to book, is a great way to re-engage with customers.

Read more about why you need to be using SMS.

An exciting new partnership between Impact Data and Mr Yum

Coming together to help hospitality businesses recover and thrive

Digital marketing and customer data experts Impact Data have joined forces with emerging hospitality technology heavyweights Mr Yum to help businesses take control of their customer data and grow shared venues’ bottom lines

Kim Teo, founder and CEO of Mr Yum said: “Working with Impact Data to help our clients get marketing value from our technology makes complete sense. Mr Yum is all about creating great experiences for our clients and their customers and giving them the tools to have more meaningful interactions. Impact Data is all about that ethos as well.”

Impact Data quickly recognised the opportunity for existing and new clients to use data from  Mr Yum mobile menus, online ordering, pickup and delivery to grow their businesses.  This partnership gives businesses the ability to understand the behaviour of their customers, such as top items ordered, and the tools to use this data to market to their own customers more effectively, and get them back spending at the venue.

When it comes to data, you’ve got to be in the game to win

The Great Data Game – Webinar

To celebrate the new partnership between QikServe and Impact Data will be presenting ‘The Great Data Game’ in a webinar on Thursday 11th March at 11am UK GMT

Data played well, will benefit a business by driving revenue and provide a window into customer behaviour.

While most of brands do collect data through our technology solutions, not all assertively apply it to their marketing and operations. It can be all too easy to let it languish, making use of only the most basic of the information given to us.   

Join experts David Bird (Impact Data) and Steven Hawkins (QikServe) for an insightful webinar about data tactics and start to form a new game plan for optimising your use of customer data.

Book your spot.

The webinar will cover:

  • What can you really learn about your customers from data?
  • Is anyone piece of data more valuable than another?
  • How do you generate ‘more’ with data?
  • What are the best tactics to apply to data in order to win?
  • Does it work?
  • Hear industry examples and success stories.

About the Impact Data and QikServe partnership

QikServe is the enterprise platform for guest self-service in hospitality. With its range of digital ordering and payment applications, hospitality operators can provide powerful in-store and off-premise solutions from ordering to payment, giving guests the convenience to order and pay for their food and drinks whenever and however they want.

The Impact Data QikServe connection enables TalkBox to analyse each customer’s behaviour and then automatically reach out with one-to-one marketing campaigns to drive more visits. TalkBox will even predict when each customer is likely to make their next purchase and send an offer in case they miss their visit.

Want to get connected to QikServe? Talk to us today!

Webinar: how to use hospitality tech and marketing to trailblaze in 2021

While the circumstances around travel have drastically shifted, guest expectations and property operating goals remain the same; we just have to take a slightly different approach in order to reach them.

In an event co-hosted by Peter Ferris, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Mitchell Nunis, Head of Global Marketing Strategy from RMS Cloud, discover how to use hospitality tech and marketing to trailblaze in 2021.

Join our Sales and Marketing Director Sarah Franklyn alongside industry experts Michael De Jongh (Avvio), and Tracey Patterson (AI Chatbot for Hotels by Book Me Bob) as they share their insights.

What you’ll learn:

• The impact that guest behaviour has had on the adoption of technology in hospitality

• How to reposition your marketing to achieve higher consumer traction and drive more bookings

• Insights and takeaways into marketing and technology implementation to help boost your business

If you can’t make the live event, you can still register your interest and we’ll send you the recording via email to watch on-demand.Time

Register here.

Feb 23, 2021 10:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Kick start 2021 with the Impact Data email health check

Think email marketing is dead? Think again! 

Let’s be honest, it’s not a new headline as the demise of email marketing has been anticipated by a few for some time. 2020 proved that it’s hardly dead, but rather a vital tool that helped many businesses survive, and some even flourish, during the turbulent period brought on by COVID-19.  Engaging with your customers and members proved to be critical, especially when you need to keep them up to date with what’s happening in your business. 

With more data available than ever before and customers expecting you to acknowledge their relationship in a positive (not creepy) way, it might be time to rethink your approach. Emails are no longer just a digital megaphone for your business. With the clever use of information your customers volunteered to you, it’s easy to create engaging communications they actually want to read.

Nearly 30% of small businesses surveyed in the recent Smart Company Small Business Trends research indicated they were planning to spend more on email marketing in 2021.

If you want to keep pace with your competitors and drive your business, you need a plan that will continually improve your customer engagement. Your customers will demand to see more relevant, targeted and personalised communications.

Why not start the new year with an email marketing health check? 

1. Check your levels of engagement
  • Are your open rates improving or decreasing?
  • What are the types of emails that get opened most?
2. Update your branding
  • If your communications and branding have been looking the same for a while, chances are your audience are taking a little less notice. Update your communications and branding to reflect and feature the season, new products or events that are happening in your business.
  • Use animated gifs to capture attention
  • Most customers interact with email on their phone, so make sure you preview your communication in the smartphone view to ensure valuable content is still front and centre.
3. Get personal
  • Are you using the right level of personalisation? Use ‘merge fields’ such as ‘First name’ in subject lines and body of an email
  • Are you using recent behaviour to trigger communications, such as sending an offer to entice a lost customer or asking for a review from a recent guest?
4. Get to know your customers
  • When was the last time you checked their details or asked something else to get to know them better?
  • Would knowing they are a vegan or vegetarian, a local or a visitor be meaningful in your communications?

TIP: An ‘Update details’ campaign is a great way to enrich your customer data.

5. Avoid email blasting
  • We are all a little guilty of hitting the ‘send to all contacts’ button when pressure is up. Stop, think and plan for segmented communications that are relevant to the recipients.

Want more? Talk to us today about ways to improve the success of your email marketing.

Read our 2020 report to the secrets to successful communications here.

How to start a loyalty program or update your current one

Loyalty programs can add to the overall brand experience and keep customers coming back.

Whether you are starting a new from scratch or giving your current one a makeover. Here are our top tips to see real return on your loyalty program.

1. Clearly define your value proposition for members

Points, visits, mystery rewards…all have their place, so determine what is going to work for your business at the core of the loyalty program offering.

PRO TIP: can your staff articulate the key benefits of membership in a few seconds? E.g. One point for every visit and a free burger on your birthday. If they can’t, chances are customers will struggle to easily understand the value too.

2. Your staff are your most important asset

Make signing up to your membership program part of your staff onboarding. This will help them understand how it works and what the current offers are as they receive the same promotions and offers as customers and know what to expect. The other benefit is that they might see opportunities and operational issues that you haven’t seen, setting up an internal feedback channel for staff to send ideas about the loyalty program is a great way to understand and overcome problems that may arise.

3. Loading your data from another system

If you have an existing loyalty program or customer database that you are migrating to a new platform, you need to make sure:

  • You have a plan for the points transition – are they sunsetted, transferred in the same or a different currency/conversion?
  • Know who is subscribed to receive communications. If your database is in a platform, make sure you also extract unsubscribed customers or member contact status and import that into your new platform
  • Build a communication and customer engagement strategy to inform customers about the change and prepare your customer-facing staff. It’s also a good idea to have an FAQs section that you can add to as other customer challenges or queries come up.
4. Build the program into your everyday operations

If you want a successful program it needs to be part of every staff members’ role and they need to know how it impacts the overall business. 

The best way to achieve this:

  • Ask every customer if they are a member
  • If not, encourage sign up. Refer to the earlier point that the value of the membership needs to be able to be clearly stated
  • Create a scoreboard across your stores so everyone knows the targets and how they are tracking
  • Report on how the loyalty program is impacting your business – sales to members, average transaction value, repeat visits, engagement with promotions etc
5. Make Signup easy

Can you use Guest WiFi to create an easy signup process? QR codes have become part of our everyday behaviour, so why not include a sign up on your menu, on tables and on your digital signage that links straight to your signup from. Having a digital self signing up process means no paper forms and your front of house staff aren’t held up keying in new member data.

6. Ask the right questions

Consider what you need to engage properly with your members during the sign-up process. For example mobile and email, DOB (perhaps day and month if the audience may be sensitive), favourite store. Consider asking them some key questions eg are you Vegan or Vegetarian, chilli lover, favourite flavour etc to drive a more personalised experience.

7. Build your ongoing engagement program

Loyalty programs need to stay top of mind to be successful so make sure you have a schedule of promotions, new menu, updates etc to keep customers engaged. Using a digital marketing platform like TalkBox can help you stay engaged with customers and drive them back to the venue or online for more visits.

8. Automate your ‘always on’ communications

Communications can use customer behaviour and information as a trigger a message. These are a great way to keep engaging with your customers, optimising their visits while you and your staff focus on running the business. Automated communications can be easily set up and include an offer that entices customers back such as:

Sends after a new member joins your loyalty program. Read how one business uses this communication to get a second visit, automatically.

Send a happy birthday message to help them celebrate with you.

Send a message after a period of absence and recover customers who may have forgotten about your business or been attracted to a competitor.

If you don’t have the internal resources to analyse your data daily and are looking to understand customer behaviour then talk to us at Impact Data for assistance.