How to increase your marketing opt-ins

Building a customer database gives your business the power to drive revenue and influence demand. If you have connected TalkBox with your business systems such as booking platform, online ordering, POS, membership program or WiFi customers have the chance to opt-in to receive marketing. The more customers that opt-in gives your business a larger audience to market to and invite back.

Our series of automated email and SMS set up to surprise, delight and reward customers will help get your business more orders more often.  

Here are our top tips to help you build your contact list and get the most out of TalkBox

  1. Promote it
    Tell as many customers as you can! Use your social media channels, include a banner on your website,  have signage, table talkers, posters around your premise. Outline how customers can join your contact list and why they should. 
  2. Incentivise opt-in
    Set up a Welcome message that includes an offer. This message should be sent the day after the first visit of new customers.  
  3. Edit your opt-in message
    Make customers want to opt-in by including what they will receive as their welcome gift and Birthday Offer.
    To change your opt-in message to make opting in more appealing
    Here are a few examples your can use for your opt-in text. 
    a) Opt-in to receive 20% off your next purchase and a special gift on your birthday.
    b) Opt-in to receive a free chips with your next order and ongoing rewards and offers. c) Join our crew! Opt-in to get weekly specials, rewards and a free meal on your birthday
  4. Outline benefits
    Make sure customers know they will be rewarded with loyalty offers when joining your contact list.

Type of rewards and incentives you can offer are:

  • Welcome gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Milestone visit rewards
  • Invitation to try new products first
  • Exclusive offers and discounts

Campaigns to drive opt-ins

  1. Sign-up to receive 20% off your next order
    Create an email that sends to every customer who signs up. Include an offer to get them back. Learn how to set up date triggered communications.
  2. Birthday
    Send customers an offer for a free item two weeks before their birthday. Setup an automated communication that asks your customers to update their details and capture the date of birth. Learn how to set up an automated Happy Birthday communication in TalkBox
  3. Use the Net Promoter Score to get more reviews and boost your profile
    Ask customers for feedback after they visit you using the Net Promoter Score surveys in TalkBox with the incentive of an offer. Using the follow-up NPS communications you can send an offer to the customers who filled out the survey.  Invite customers who rated you highly to comment specifically on your loyalty program on your review platforms so other customers get FOMO. 

Using SMS to cut through and re-engage customers

How staying top of mind drove almost £5000 in sales for The Chesterford Group 

The instant and direct nature of SMS makes it hard to miss. The Chesterford Group generated £4,939 of additional revenue using SMS to re-engage with customers who had not ordered in over 5 weeks. This campaign was purposely sent without an offer and on a quiet Tuesday evening proving some customers only need to be reminded about a business to make a purchase. The short succinct message reminded customers about their ‘award-winning fish and chips’ and included a link to order. 

While SMS involves a small cost, the ROI on a well-crafted campaign can bring in significant revenue. The Chesterford Group sent an SMS to 5119 of their contacts for the total cost of  £148. This campaign helped to re-engaged 208 customers and drive sales on what would usually be a quiet Tuesday evening. 

Staying top of mind is the easiest way to keep customers coming back. Regular communications with your customers across all platforms will keep your business from slipping and drive revenue. SMS marketing works to target customers in a direct and timely way reaching customers who might have missed your other marketing efforts.  

Why this worked:

Strong Call to action: The message included a link to order. 

Cut through: SMS reaches customers who have not engaged with other marketing efforts.

Timeliness: Sent when customers began to consider their next meal. 

See an example of The Chesterford Group’s SMS: 

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Choosing the right booking partner

Choosing the right booking partner is critical for your business. 

A system that allows customers to book easily with added features that benefit your business can help you get more bookings, more often. 

We work together with a range of booking partners to help your business stay connected with customers after they have visited you. 

Here are JUST a few. 

Want to see the rest? 

Check out our data partners and talk to us today about connecting with a booking partner that works for you.

Make your booking data work for you

When a customer makes a booking and agrees to receive marketing from your business their details are automatically added to your TalkBox account. This means you can:

Welcome and onboard new customers

Introduce new customers to your business and invite them back. 

Get feedback

Send an NPS feedback survey to your customers after they visit you. ‘Promoters’ are invited to share their experiences on review sites while ‘Detractors’ details can be sent to management to follow up.

Get more special occasion bookings

Wish customers a happy birthday and invite them to celebrate with you.

Recover lost customers

Automatically entice customers back who have been absent for a significant period with a

communication targeted just to them.

Sell more functions

Increase lucrative function bookings with automated reminders leading up to special events and holidays.

Talk to us today about our booking partners and start getting more bookings, more often.

Case study – The Chesterford Group

The Chesterford Group,  connecting with their customers to boost sales by £15,000

The Chesterford Group, a rapidly growing chain of fish and chip outlets recently trialled Impact Data’s automated customer retention solution in 10 sites.  Our series of email and SMS messages set up to surprise & delight and reward customers, increased sales by almost 9% equating to 15,000 pounds in additional revenue over 5 months. 

Connecting TCG to their customers with TalkBox and QikServe 

The Chesterford Group’s digital transformation began with an online ordering system that dramatically improved the customer experience. QikServe’s touchless ordering and payment solution provide businesses with a way to view and capture customer details unlike ever before. Looking to leverage data captured from online orders The Chesterford Group implemented Impact Data’s customer retention solution.

Combining the ease and convenience of QikServe online ordering with the power of our behavioural based communications unlocked a significant amount of revenue. The connection between Impact Data and QikServe meant The Chesterford Group could now communicate with customers who had previously ordered online. 

When new customers order they are encouraged to sign up, which helped to grow their contact list by an average of 602 contacts every month.  With all their customers in one place, our analysis and insights engine was used to understand visitation and spend patterns and influence demand.

Influencing demand to stay busy all week

Every business endures quiet days, which can cause a significant hit to weekly revenue. The Chesterford Group sent reminders about their deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays to boost quieter mid-week days. Regular communication with their continually growing contact list helped boost sales for the mid-week specials by 176%.  Emails and SMS  promoting the specials were sent at a time customers began to plan their next meal. The results prove how powerful the right message, sent at the right time can be in influencing demand. 

Driving repeat visits with clever communications

Regular communications sent with TalkBox kept The Chesterford Group’s customers coming back on average every 24 days.  Impact Data’s customer retention solution monitors visitation patterns and automatically triggers an email or SMS when a customer misses a visit. When customers were close to reaching a loyalty milestone but hadn’t visited within the 24 day period they automatically received an email reminder. This element of our retention strategy worked to entice  22% of customers back. 

Improving loyalty and keeping more customers

New customers are critical for business, but keeping them is just as important. A welcome message set up to send after a new customer ordered and sign up, increased first-time customers returning by 10%. The 10 sites using TalkBox had a repeat visitation rate 7% higher compared to the sites not using TalkBox. 

Reactivating lost and winning them back

Tracking customer visitation patterns via QikServe meant TalkBox identified 2721 customers who had not made a purchase in at least the last 12 months. These customers were sent an offer with a 50% discount to encourage them to come back.  134 customers redeemed this offer and 42 customers continued to make additional purchases at full price over the next 2 month period. This win-back campaign was able to change behaviour while orders from the reactivated group covered the cost of the initial discount plus the added benefit of generating additional revenue from lost customers.

Discover what customers really think with Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

NPS provides insights into business operations and an opportunity to gain valuable customer feedback. With each store sending an NPS feedback survey after a customer’s orders management can understand customer sentiment across each store. NPS also gave the Chesterford group the ability to benchmark against industry standards. 

Regular communications sent to surprise, delight and retain customers proved to drive revenue, increasing total orders by 8.99%. The overwhelming response from TCG customers indicated they were eager to receive updates and offers via email and SMS. With a projected ROI of between 2.7 and 8.3, TCG has since signed up their group of 40 venues.

Working closely with Impact Data has revolutionized the way in which we use our customer database. Due to the large movement in customers placing their delivery or click and collect orders through our white label app solution,  we now have a huge amount of customer data that we wanted to utilise to drive sales performance within the business.

Using Impact Data’s automated customer retention solution, we can automate our e-mail and SMS campaigns, gain invaluable consumer insights and re-engage inactive and lapsed customers.

We have complete trust and confidence that Impact Data will deliver outstanding service every month, allowing us to focus more of our time on creating an effective sales & marketing strategy that utilises the actionable data provided which results in positive ROI’s.

The team at Impact Data provided us with the tools needed to optimise and accelerate our email and SMS marketing campaigns.

James Lipscombe, CEO, The Chesterford Group

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New to TalkBox – Emojis in SMS

In TalkBox, you can now add emojis in the body of your SMS.  🥳

Emojis take the form of the infamous yellow smiley🙂 or icons that represent actions🕺🏻, emotions😂 and objects 🍉. Emojis are a fun way to make your message stand out and boost engagement.

Why use emojis?
  1. Capture your customer’s attention
    Increase engagement and clickthrough rates – a WGSN report found campaigns that include emojis yield an 17% increase in interaction compared to those without.
  2. Connect with broader and more diverse audiences
    Emojis are recognised as a global language. While some may have a different meaning across cultures, there is a large degree of standardisation. 🍕 means pizza no matter where you are from. 
  3. Show a bit of personality for your business
    Breath life into your brand by including a few relevant emojis in your SMS marketing. 
  4. Capture attention quickly
    Emojis can be a substitute for words or even whole phrases. Get your message across in a few symbols.  
When to use emojis?

Emojis quickly capture attention by adding colour and personality to your message. Here are just a few examples of how you can use emojis in your SMS. 

SMS is a powerful tool to engage with customers who may not respond to email marketing. If you aren’t using SMS to reach your customers it might be time to. Read more about SMS marketing.

Get more out of TalkBox with our July TalkBox tips

1. Sell more functions with recurring automated communications

Recurring automations in TalkBox are configured to resend at a pre-set intervals. Regularly remind your customers of your great events facilities, automatically. Learn how to set up recurring automations.

2. Stay ahead of busy periods with our online ordering partners QikServe and Mr Yum.

QikServe’s touchless ordering and payment solution might be the key to unlocking additional revenue, freeing up your staff, and negating waiting times. New customers who order via QikServe are encouraged to sign up, helping to grow your contact list and making it easy for your business to get more orders, more often. Learn more about QikServe.

Mr yum provides your business with mouthwatering visual menus and a seamless customer experience. Free up your team from transactional touchpoints with an easy to use web-based mobile menu and table ordering solution. Get connected with Mr Yum

3. Capture every customer and build your contact list. 

Create a QR code that directs to a TalkBox form and plaster it around your business. Entice customers to sign-up with a competition or a free drink on their next visit. 

If your account is in mirror mode talk to us about setting up a guest account so you can engage with new customers and drive member sign-ups. Learn more about guest accounts.

4. Reactivate lost customers with SMS. 

SMS has proved to be a great way to reach customers who haven’t provided a valid email address, or may not engage with email marketing. If things slow down during the colder months, an SMS campaign can be a great way to engage lost customers or promote a mid-week special.

5. Brush up on your TalkBox skills
Need a refresh on how to use TalkBox, or do you have a new team member that might want to learn? Visit our Youtube channel for training videos, marketing advice and partner chats.

How to build your contactable database & carded play

Get more from your loyalty program by improving contact-ability and carded play rates.

Your loyalty program should provide insights into who your best customers are and the effectiveness of your loyalty membership offering. However many gaming venues face the challenges of members who are not contactable; those who did not provide a valid email or mobile number upon sign up and low carded play rates.  

Here’s a guide to help you improve contact-ability and carded play rates so that you can understand who your best customers and get more from your loyalty program.

1. What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Can your staff clearly explain why a customer should become a member?

Do you offer member pricing, points on spend, free meals on your birthday?  All of the above and more?  All of your staff need to have a complete understanding of how it works and relay the information about joining plus all the benefits of membership.

TIP: A welcome email that follows every sign up to reminds customers about the value of what they signed up for. You could even ask for feedback in that message to understand how effective your staff may have been in creating a great first impression. 

2. Asking every customer if they are a member

Train your staff to ask every customer if they are a member and encourage them to join if they aren’t.  If the customer is a member, remind them they need to use their member card across the venue to reap all the rewards of your program.

Consider a staff bonus program for the most sign-ups or a whole of venue reward if carded play rates increase.

3. Create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is a major driver of consumer behaviour so why not tap into it?  Put ads on your digital and POS screens, publish member pricing on your menus and invite members to first access to book for major events.

Get the message out amongst your members to generate excitement and include images of customers winning member-only promotions in your newsletters.

4. Offer a points bonus promotion

If points can be accrued across the bistro and gaming room why not offer a bonus points promotion to drive carded play?  Make it accessible and of good value to all members, not just your top players to encourage more activity.

5. Member Draws are a winner

Make sure the criteria for your member draw includes that the customers have used their card in a specified number of days to qualify for the draw.  

TIP: Send an SMS to all members on the day of the draw to let them know what the value is. Remind them they need to be present and have swiped their card to be eligible to win.

6. Send a communication to members on screen and on the kiosk

If you can filter customers who are not contactable or are unsubscribed but may still be using a member card to accrue points, you can send them a message on the kiosk or on the service screen. Invite them to update their details at reception. 

7. Send an email and SMS to customers 

Use your TalkBox account to engage with all of your customers regularly. Vouchers can be included in any communication and are a great way to drive repeat visits.  If you have worked hard to build your database and carded play, it’s time to reap the rewards by contacting your members to get them back to your venue.  

If you want help getting more from your loyalty program, talk to us today.

‘Likes’ don’t get bums on seats – Why your business needs more than social media

Social media is an essential part of your marketing strategy but likes and shares don’t often convert into paying customers. Constantly changing algorithms, challenges in ‘stopping the scroll’ or simply posting at the wrong time, could mean that your customers don’t see your beautifully crafted content.

So, how do you reach customers directly, ensure your message gets received and they visit you? It’s likely your business already has the tools that can help retain more customers and get them back quicker. 

Customer, transactional and visitation data from your businesses systems such as POS, Guest WiFi or booking platform can connect you to your audience and get you more visits. The best part is that, unlike social media, this data is generated by your business and is owned by your business so that you can remarket to them, easily and cheaply. 

At Impact Data we gather your data in our marketing application, TalkBox. With your audience in one place, you can send email and SMS to influence behaviour, create demand and increase visits.

Customers who have opted-in to receive marketing communications want to hear from your business. Engagement rates for email and SMS dominate over all other marketing streams. We recorded average open rates for email of 18%, considerably higher than Facebook’s organic reach of 5.2%.

Email and SMS offer personalisation that cannot be achieved with social media. Not only can you address each customer by their first name, but the data in your business means you can understand their behaviour and react accordingly. 

An Impact Data customer retention solution analyses and transforms your data and automatically triggers messages based on a visit, spend level or anything else we know about your customer.  

  • Say happy birthday and help them celebrate
  • Thank them for visiting and ask for feedback
  • Recover a customer who hasn’t visited in 60 days
  • Reward a customer for their loyalty 

Email, SMS and social media should all have a place in your marketing strategy, but it might be time to assess where you put your efforts and budget.  Social media might help you attract new customers, but what do you have in place to keep them? Research done by Frederick Reichheld (Bain & Company) shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can boost profits by 25-95%. Our automated customer retention solution works to send the right message to the right customer at the right time to get them back which is critical to achieving this sort of profit result.

If you want to learn more about how we help businesses connect with their customers and get more visits, talk to us today. 

New to sending email and SMS? Read our secrets to successful communications report.

Redcat and Impact Data, experts in hospitality loyalty are coming together for Foodservice Australia 2021

New dates announced! Visit us at Stand B24

Think a loyalty program is just for rewarding your best customers? 
Visit us at Foodservice Australia, and we’ll show you how to leverage your loyalty program to influence demand and really drive sales. 

Redcat’s sophisticated POS and loyalty combined with an Impact Data automated customer retention solution connects you with your customers to get more visits. 

We collect your customer, transactional and visitation data from your Redcat POS and other systems in your business such as booking platforms and Guest WiFi. With all of your customer data in one application, you now have the best chance to influence behaviour, create demand and of course, increase visits & sales.

We analyse and transform your data, then automatically trigger messages based on a visit, absence of a visit or customer profile information.  

Learn from the best as we demonstrate how one iconic QSR brand utilises the power of Redcat and Impact Data to drive their loyalty program. We’ll take you on a customer journey so you can understand how our automated customer retention solution works to engage, retain and surprise & delight customers.  

We understand where your customer is at on their journey with you.  It’s like having your own team of analysts working to drive your business. 

  • Onboard and welcome new customers
  • Recover lost customers
  • Drive business on a slow day 
  • Keep regulars engaged
  • ….All automatically.
Don’t have a loyalty program? 

You might want to consider starting one. Adam Posner’s ‘For Love or Money’ 2021 report found that 48 per cent of consumers tend to stay loyal to brands whose loyalty programs they are members of, and even more so for Gen Z (63 per cent).

Want to know more?

Visit us at Foodservice on stand B24 August 24 -26, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre. Register for your free ticket.

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