Case study – The Chesterford Group

The Chesterford Group,  connecting with their customers to boost sales by £15,000

The Chesterford Group, a rapidly growing chain of fish and chip outlets recently trialled Impact Data’s automated customer retention solution in 10 sites.  Our series of email and SMS messages set up to surprise & delight and reward customers, increased sales by almost 9% equating to 15,000 pounds in additional revenue over 5 months. 

Connecting TCG to their customers with TalkBox and QikServe 

The Chesterford Group’s digital transformation began with an online ordering system that dramatically improved the customer experience. QikServe’s touchless ordering and payment solution provide businesses with a way to view and capture customer details unlike ever before. Looking to leverage data captured from online orders The Chesterford Group implemented Impact Data’s customer retention solution.

Combining the ease and convenience of QikServe online ordering with the power of our behavioural based communications unlocked a significant amount of revenue. The connection between Impact Data and QikServe meant The Chesterford Group could now communicate with customers who had previously ordered online. 

When new customers order they are encouraged to sign up, which helped to grow their contact list by an average of 602 contacts every month.  With all their customers in one place, our analysis and insights engine was used to understand visitation and spend patterns and influence demand.

Influencing demand to stay busy all week

Every business endures quiet days, which can cause a significant hit to weekly revenue. The Chesterford Group sent reminders about their deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays to boost quieter mid-week days. Regular communication with their continually growing contact list helped boost sales for the mid-week specials by 176%.  Emails and SMS  promoting the specials were sent at a time customers began to plan their next meal. The results prove how powerful the right message, sent at the right time can be in influencing demand. 

Driving repeat visits with clever communications

Regular communications sent with TalkBox kept The Chesterford Group’s customers coming back on average every 24 days.  Impact Data’s customer retention solution monitors visitation patterns and automatically triggers an email or SMS when a customer misses a visit. When customers were close to reaching a loyalty milestone but hadn’t visited within the 24 day period they automatically received an email reminder. This element of our retention strategy worked to entice  22% of customers back. 

Improving loyalty and keeping more customers

New customers are critical for business, but keeping them is just as important. A welcome message set up to send after a new customer ordered and sign up, increased first-time customers returning by 10%. The 10 sites using TalkBox had a repeat visitation rate 7% higher compared to the sites not using TalkBox. 

Reactivating lost and winning them back

Tracking customer visitation patterns via QikServe meant TalkBox identified 2721 customers who had not made a purchase in at least the last 12 months. These customers were sent an offer with a 50% discount to encourage them to come back.  134 customers redeemed this offer and 42 customers continued to make additional purchases at full price over the next 2 month period. This win-back campaign was able to change behaviour while orders from the reactivated group covered the cost of the initial discount plus the added benefit of generating additional revenue from lost customers.

Discover what customers really think with Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

NPS provides insights into business operations and an opportunity to gain valuable customer feedback. With each store sending an NPS feedback survey after a customer’s orders management can understand customer sentiment across each store. NPS also gave the Chesterford group the ability to benchmark against industry standards. 

Regular communications sent to surprise, delight and retain customers proved to drive revenue, increasing total orders by 8.99%. The overwhelming response from TCG customers indicated they were eager to receive updates and offers via email and SMS. With a projected ROI of between 2.7 and 8.3, TCG has since signed up their group of 40 venues.

Working closely with Impact Data has revolutionized the way in which we use our customer database. Due to the large movement in customers placing their delivery or click and collect orders through our white label app solution,  we now have a huge amount of customer data that we wanted to utilise to drive sales performance within the business.

Using Impact Data’s automated customer retention solution, we can automate our e-mail and SMS campaigns, gain invaluable consumer insights and re-engage inactive and lapsed customers.

We have complete trust and confidence that Impact Data will deliver outstanding service every month, allowing us to focus more of our time on creating an effective sales & marketing strategy that utilises the actionable data provided which results in positive ROI’s.

The team at Impact Data provided us with the tools needed to optimise and accelerate our email and SMS marketing campaigns.

James Lipscombe, CEO, The Chesterford Group

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