Ever hit that send button and then thought of a much better subject line for your email

We have you covered with retargeting!

Let’s be honest, every now and again we wish we had a do-over with an email campaign

Whether you thought of a better subject line, realised that the time you sent the email may not have been ideal or you just want to make sure more people see your email, testing your campaigns or re-targeting your customers is a clever tool to help improve your reach

Best of all with TalkBox it’s pretty simple to do!

First things first, what are you deciding to change?

Think a different time might work? Consider the following:

  • Trying to get customers to dine with you for lunch or dinner?  Send your SMS or Email during the time your audience is thinking about eating. Not just after they have a full stomach
  • Some days work better than others for certain brands or businesses. So testing which days work best for you over time makes sense
  • Some brands are adamant about only communicating during office hours. But in reality, working days have changed. So don’t assume, test what works for your business
  • Most of your communications are read on a phone. So peak travel times might be ideal for public transport users and disastrous for drivers
  • Holidays and special occasions change people’s behaviour in a way that sees more or less interaction with your brand. A good indicator is traffic. So, you may need to dial up or down your normal marketing

Call to action needs attention?

  • After hitting that send button you realise you’ve forgotten a link to your booking widget or left out that super special you are promoting.

Now that you know what needs to be changed, there are two options.

  1. Send essentially the same communication with an ‘oops, sorry about that’ type subject line. That sort of subject line is almost guaranteed to get higher engagement. Humans are curious creatures and we are keen to know what you are apologising for. However, this should be used as a bit of a last resort and reserved for genuine errors or it wears thin, quickly. 
  2. Your second option is to retarget your customers.
Retargeting in Talkbox by Impact Data

The basic steps are:

  • Go to your sent communication
  • Select the report and view all unopened (or opened, or clicked if you want to follow them up) and select all and ‘tag as’ and create a tag that describes what you’re trying to achieve
  • You can then ‘reuse’ your communication and make any alterations to the content, subject line and timing 
  • Then select your tagged customers to complete your send

Retargeting is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox to gain insights that drive deeper engagement with your customers.
Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan