Turning Guests into Members, automatically

Learn more about welcome messages and why they are critical to your venue

A membership program is a valuable investment for any business. 

For continual member base growth, you need a solid plan in place after the initial excitement of launching.

An Impact Data Guest Account transforms guests and visitors to your club into members, without you needing to lift a finger. 


An Impact Data guest account is a TalkBox account connected to your membership account that’s in ‘mirror mode’.  The guest account is updated by data sources such as your reservation or booking partner, Guest WiFi service, online ordering platform and even your socials.  Customers who use these applications to make a booking in your bistro, order their meal or log on to Guest WiFi could be some of your best and biggest-spending customers. 

If your membership system doesn’t allow you to collect the details of guests or isn’t connected to these applications, it is difficult to see your members and guests spending habits across your whole business.

How it works

Every day we compare the contacts in your Guest Account against the membership account, match any contacts who are in both accounts and then remove them from the guest account. The contacts are then tagged in your membership account so you know they have also connected with your business in other ways.

This leaves you with a list of prospective members that you can target and invite to join your club, automatically.

For example, if your Guest Account is connected to your reservation partner we can automatically trigger a communication after two visits with an invitation to become a member. If a guest has visited more than once, chances are they enjoy your food and are a good candidate to take up a membership.

If your venue lets customers complete a membership application online you can direct prospective members to, they can join before their next visit. This way your automated welcome message that includes an offer will get them back visiting quickly.  

Learn more about welcome messages and why they are critical to your venue
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook