QikServe vouchers are now live in TalkBox

TalkBox accounts connected to QikServe can now issue vouchers directly.

Leverage the power of behaviour-based communications sent from TalkBox with the ease and convenience of your online ordering platform to get more orders, more often.  

Why vouchers? 

Vouchers are a great way to help keep your business moving and to get more orders more often. You can use vouchers in TalkBox to: 

  • Reward loyalty
  • Stay top of mind
  • Entice customers to increase their spend  
  • Grow your database 
  • Boost business during a quiet period such as mid-week lunch
  • Recover customers who have been absent for a significant period of time

Learn more about setting up QikServe vouchers in TalkBox.

In TalkBox, you can now insert a QikServe voucher into an email using the drag-and-drop editor and/or add to an SMS by selecting ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor. Click here for more info. 

TalkBox Vouchers come with great features to help get you more orders, more often, such as:

Reminder messages 

When creating a voucher you have the option to send a ‘Voucher reminder’. Sending a voucher reminder via SMS can help maximise redemptions and bring customers in. 

Learn to set up a voucher reminder message

Voucher Reporting 

The voucher reports available in TalkBox can be exported as a report, so you can present and show their success to stakeholders.  Analyse the performance of each voucher and see what is working and what may need adjustment. Click here to read about voucher reporting.

The TalkBox voucher scanning app is downloadable from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Simply download the app to any internet-enabled smartphone and scan TalkBox vouchers direct from a customer’s smartphone making the entire process contactless.

Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan