Who’s invisible in your venue?

A TalkBox Guest Account finds them and turns them into members — automatically

If your venue has a loyalty or membership program, well done

This is an important step in keeping your customers engaged and returning to your business regularly. 

But chances are you might have some potential ‘ready to be members’ hiding in plain sight that you’re missing out on. 

Traditionally membership and loyalty in hospitality businesses are managed by a gaming loyalty program or perhaps one that’s specific to your sector — like a Golf Membership system. 

When these are linked to your communications platform, like TalkBox, it’s turned into a powerful automated member and engagement program. 

However, when customers have not converted to become members yet, how can you tell them about your next big event? Or more importantly, invite them to become a member?

Great News! — TalkBox has a feature that can help you connect with your whole audience and automatically nurture a visitor into a member, hands-free.

Our Guest Accounts are ready to do the heavy lifting of turning guests into members.  

We create a Guest Account for you that has all of your non-member contacts like newsletter sign-ups, customers who have made a booking at your bistro, ordered at your order-at-table platform or even signed onto your Guest WiFi.  Partners like Now Book It, ResDiary, Quandoo, Seven Rooms and Chewzie are all valuable sources of this type of data.

TalkBox is constantly checking your Member Account to see if your guest has converted, and if they have not we trigger an invite to join your membership.

We can set up the message after their first visit or wait until their second visit so you know they have the potential to become a valued regular.

Plus, if your POS partner is one of our voucher partners like Bepoz, SwiftPOS, IdealPOS, Starrtec, SENPOS or Redcat we can create an additional incentive to join with a voucher.

WHAT WE LEARNED when we connected a Guest Account to a Member Account for a major NSW Club is: attracting new members coincides with key occasions like Mother’s Day, Christmas Events and End of Financial Year. 

So why not use your functions as a way to grow your members?

Talk to the team at Impact Data about how we can help you tap into your invisible audience and create new members, without lifting a finger.

Contact us at hello@impactdata.com.au 

Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan