The Frying Squad and the Salt House –  Case Study

The Frying Squad & The Salt House raised their revenue in the hottest 4 weeks of the year with TalkBox

Three sustainable local fish and chips shops in Northern Ireland ran a four-week campaign to improve their revue over the hottest four weeks of summer. 


Fish and Chip businesses in the UK typically experience a slump in sales on high-temperature days. The objective was to increase revenue on the quietest midweek trading days during the hottest time of year over three venues: The Frying Squad, and The Salt House Rathmore and Gransha.


Run a 20% discount offer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for four-consecutive weeks. The Impact Data Support Team created the Emails and SMSs. Using the ‘Scheduled’ Feature in TalkBox, the communications were scheduled four weeks in advance. Promotions were replicated for all three sites as both The Frying Squad and The Salt House have similar business models. Email and SMS were used to maximise the customer reach.


Total revenue rose 61% during the days the voucher campaigns were running compared to the same days during the previous four weeks. Even on the hottest day in recorded UK history.

The Frying Squad’s total orders went from 46 to 143

The total revenue increased by £1407.47 or 280%.

The Salt House Rathmore’s orders went from 24 to 53.  

The total revenue increased by £410.81 or 48%.

The Salt House Gransha’s total orders went from 7 to 16

The total revenue increased by £133.64 or 52% 

And the total revenue increased by £133.64 or 52%.  

The combined total revenue of all three businesses over the four-week period increased by £1952.02 or 61%.


The results speak for themselves as to how successful it was; we were honestly shocked at the high level of increased sales, especially during the heat wave.

The Impact Data Support Team were terrific at providing us with both the ideas and the expertise to help us run a campaign aiming to increase midweek sales. They were hands-on with helping us to set up the campaigns, assisting with any queries throughout and delivering reporting at its conclusion.

We look forward to continuing working with Impact Data to help us drive more customers through our doors.” – Andrew Neil, owner-operator of The Frying Squad and The Salt House
Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan