Sporting Finals & Holidays are great ways to draw a crowd

Getting people off the couch and into your venue to watch major sporting events or celebrate key holidays, is all in the planning and messaging.

From VIP seating in front of your sports bar screens to snacking menus, sports can be a great way to attract an audience. 

Here are some of the coolest ideas we have seen from our clients for drawing a sports or holiday crowd:

  1. Create a VIP section in your sports bar with the best seats for major sporting events.  Then make that a section you can book in your reservation system and SMS your best customers first.  Rewarding your best customers with this type of experience is a great way to build loyalty and say thanks for being a great customer
  2. Create a themed menu. Whether it’s the Footy Finals or Christmas, creating a menu with a theme is another way to make the event memorable and Instagrammable!
  3. A special cocktail or mocktail is a great way to add to the fun and get your guests used to buying more premium drinks.  Talk to your beverage suppliers about creating a drink that’s right for the occasion
  4. Host a VIP or Locals night to try out your function or holiday menu.  When getting your menu together for Christmas Functions, turn it into an occasion to connect with your customers.  Invite your locals to come and try the menu and remember to add Feedback to your TalkBox message when you send a thank you follow-up to help build your online reviews.  TIP – check out our Blog on NPS and Feedback for details on how this works
  5. Aim for previous functions and high-spend customers first.  Let’s be honest preparing for a key occasion like Mother’s Day or Christmas or New Year’s Eve is with the hopes of success. By talking to customers who have previously booked functions first you are more likely to build sales quickly.
  6. Race Days are the new black!  It’s often hard to get to the track. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a Race Day experience in your venue. Set a Race Day dress code, bring a guest caller and even run a Punters Club to create a great day.  Working with your booking platform to identify and tag these customers in TalkBox is a great way to turn it into an annual event.
  7. If you run a tipping contest for key sports, make sure you are sending regular communications to keep everyone interested and coming back to your venue to put their tips in and watch the game.  Sending a Happy Hour TalkBox voucher to get them in before the game is a great way to fill your venue and make every sports broadcast a big event.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some food for thought and inspired you to create some big events out of your sports broadcast.  

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Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan