Looking for your lost customers? It’s ok, we can help bring them back

Did you know that up to 80% of your customers probably won’t come back?  

A big part of that is because just like that person you went on a first date with, they are waiting to be asked.  

So how do you find your lost customers and more importantly get them to return, again and again?

The answer is in your customer data of course.  But first, you might need to get access to all of it so you can get the full picture of what your customer’s visitation patterns are.

Here’s the journey to finding your lost customers:

  1. Let’s get all of your customers in one place.  You can connect your TalkBox account to POS, loyalty, reservation, online & at table ordering and accommodation data.
  2. Getting contacts is the first step, next we need to add the behavioural data critical to understanding your customers.  The team at Impact Data can manage all that for you as long as you are working with one of our Data Partners.
  3. When transactional data is added to your account you will see some new fields that are added to your contacts.

Here’s an example of some of the fields that help us understand your customers’ visitation patterns.

*Standard fields that are captured and analysised for an Impact Data Customer Retention Solution

These fields are key to finding lost customers:

  1. Create a FILTER with Visit Frequency = High + Days Since Last Visit date is 60 days – if your business relies on multiple visits from your best customers in a year this is a cohort that might be at risk. 
  2. Create a FILTER with Expected Next Visit is In The Past. This means that each customer in that filter has missed the date we calculated they should next visit. This only works when a customer has more than x3 visits but can help you target your lost customers in a very personalized way.
  3. Create a FILTER with Total Visits is 1 + Days Since Last Visit is more than 120 days.
  4. Create a FILTER with Spend Range = High + Expected Next Visit Date is in the past.

Keeping an eye on these filters can help you to understand the success of your campaigns.

You can save these filters and use them to create a specific campaign with a hot offer to target these customers, or even more effectively let the Impact Data team manage this for you with our hands-free solution. 

This will make sure you are checking your data every day and targeting the right customer at the right time with the right message to get them back.

It’s important to incentivise your high-spending customers with a better offer so consider adding a voucher to your lost promotions.  For details on TalkBox, vouchers check out our Support Centre.

TOP TIP – If you have added more systems to your business or are ready to upgrade to take advantage of our hands free solution that will help you target you lost customers reach out to hello@impactdata.com.au and we will help you connect it to your TalkBox account.

Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan