Time poor? Short-staffed? TalkBox is here to help.

TalkBox automated communications work to keep your customers engaged and coming back so that you can focus on running your business. 

You can set up a range of communications in TalkBox that will help to secure future foot traffic and revenue for your business such as:

  • Welcome messages – Sent 1 day after a customer has visited you for the first time
  • Lost customer message – Sent to recover customers who have been absent for a period of time
  • Happy Birthday message – Wish customers a happy birthday and invite them to celebrate with you
  • Function reminder – Set up recurring automation that regularly reminds customers about your event spaces or catering
  • Revisit message – Target customers who haven’t been back since their first visit

There are so many ways you can connect with your customers automatically with TalkBox.

Here are just three automated communication critical to business success:

1. Welcome message: A well-executed welcome message is the easiest way to turn first-timers into loyal, repeat visitors

  • Configured as a ‘date triggered‘ automated communication
  • Sent 1 day after a new customer visits you
  • Include a time-sensitive offer to entice customers back

    See the example below.
The Perfect Welcome Message in 4 steps
The Perfect Welcome Message in 4 steps

2. Lost customer message:
Customers are forgetful creatures, remind them about your business and invite them back, automatically

  • Connect with customers that haven’t visited in a significant period of time
  • Set up your lost customer message now to secure foot traffic in the future
  • Include an irresistible offer such as a 2 4 1 main meal

    See the example below.

3. Birthday message: Show customers you care and help them celebrate

  • Configure your birthday message to send before the contacts ‘Date of birth
  • No one dines alone on their birthday, so include an offer to encourage customers to bring a friend, such as 2-4-1 
  • Include links that direct to your function facilities or group booking information on your website to drive lucrative celebration bookings

    See the example below.
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook