Would you like Fries with your WiFi?

Case Study – Lord of the Fries NZ

Lord of The Fries opened its first New Zealand store in 2016, overthrowing the traditional model of ‘fast food’ serving up ethically and sustainably sourced meals and snacks.

Contrary to the 1950s namesake novel, there is no ‘spilling of the blood.’ Lord of the Fries celebrates a menu comprised entirely of vegetarian and vegan options winning over the hearts and stomachs of even the toughest carnivorous customers.

The fast-food industry is temperamental to trends, knowing this Lord of The Fries implemented a clever customer retention strategy using TalkBox by Impact Data to drive loyalty. Capturing customers’ contact details as they sign up for Guest WiFi and integrating TalkBox with their POS system IdealPOS means they can connect with customers when they are not in store, by sending cleverly targeted communications.

Lord of The Fries has seen significant growth in its database since connecting its Guest WiFi to TalkBox, with an average monthly database growth of 24%. Guest WiFi offers immense benefits to both parties: customers get to access and scroll their favourite apps while they wait for their meals, and Lord of The Fries gains behavioural data and opportunities to promote their products to their customers.

In this industry, new customers are especially vulnerable to competitors. Lord of The Fries uses TalkBox to secure a second visit with an automated welcome communication. Shortly after a customer visits a Lord of The Fries store and logs on to Guest WiFi for the first time, they receive a communication that thanks them for visiting and invites them back with the offer of a free small fries to enjoy next time. The offer worked to entice 8% of customers back within two weeks and 25% back within six months.

The key to beating the competition, and a longstanding rule of marketing – stay top of mind. Lord of The Fries sends regular updates on new menu items, blog posts or special offers to keep customers engaged, and it works. Their open rates are 38% above the industry averages as customers are keen to see if a communication holds a surprise, delight or reward.

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