Happy hour vouchers in TalkBox to help boost sales

Vouchers have proved to be an excellent way to give your customers another reason to visit you. In TalkBox, you can limit the validity of your vouchers to certain days to ensure you don’t give away anything when you don’t need to.

Create a voucher with limited validity to:

  • Promote your in-house happy hours
  • Boost sales during slow periods
  • Bring in customers before the big game
  • Reward your best customers with special limited-time discounts or vouchers.

Create, send and redeem your happy hour voucher entirely within TalkBox. Why not try and recover some customers who you haven’t see in a while with SMS. Sending a happy hour voucher close to the time it is valid can help drive customers back in to take advantage of the offer. ​ You can add a voucher when creating the SMS in TalkBox.

No voucher scanners? No problem!

The TalkBox voucher scanning app is downloadable from Apple App Store or Google Play. Simply download the app to any internet-enabled smartphone and scan TalkBox vouchers direct from a customer’s smartphone making the entire process contactless.

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook