The benefits of an engaged audience

Our  Operations director Mark Tunstall talks to PROPEL about the benefits of an engaged audience. 

Engaging customers ‘boosts voucher redemption and marketing responses’: Restaurant and bar operators with an engaged customer base achieve a voucher redemption rate of more than 15% compared with the market average of 10%, according to a study by Impact Data. 

The company’s analysis of marketing campaigns found strong customer engagement also led to a higher email opening rate – more than 20% compared with the average of 15%. The top three communications to entice customers back to a venue were birthday messages – consumer spend increased 37% on birthday occasions – followed by a welcome message and a guest recovery message issued automatically when a customer hadn’t visited for a month. Mark Tunstall, UK operations director at Impact Data, said: “Personalising the content your customers receive ensures relevancy and increases engagement. Birthday messages are an easy win for operators looking to increase open rates and drive footfall but are just the tip of the iceberg.

Operators can personalise their content in a far more sophisticated way by pulling customer data from the multiple streams available, such as Wi-Fi and booking platforms, which allows bars and restaurants to target specific sections of their customer base with promotions or campaigns.”

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Article featured in Propel Thursday News Briefing – 6th Feb 2020

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook