Now Book It! Now integrates!

Are you ready to make your data work harder for you?

Great news, Impact Data now integrates with Now Book It.

Your booking data now shows up in your TalkBox account automatically. This provides real-time and fine-grain opportunities to incentivise and engage members throughout all parts of the sales cycle.

Impact Data analyses the loyalty, transactional and behavioural data of your Now Book It users and then triggers the right message at the right time to get the next visit or order.

We bring customers back with a series of automated emails and SMSs set up using your booking data. Examples: 

  1. Welcome email: Confirm the booking details and include information about your business such as location and opening hours.
  2. Remind them to re-book: Staying top of mind can be easy with an automated message inviting them back scheduled to be sent at a specified time after their first visit.  
  3. Get feedback: Follow up with your customers after their visit. Include a feedback score such as NPS and direct those with positive experiences to leave a review. 

Integrating TalkBox with your Now Book It account will bring together the data of patrons who have made a booking with your venue.

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook