What to do when you don’t have the date of birth.

Love birthdays? But don’t know when your customers like to celebrate?

For a number of data sources such as booking and online ordering, DOB is not part of the standard data that is captured. Whilst it’s not necessarily relevant to that data set, it can create another occasion for a visit or a reward. 

Birthdays are a great way to attract those lucrative celebration bookings and bring your customer in for a visit. However, customers are becoming more cautious about sharing personal information, so it’s time to get creative about how we celebrate our customers. 

Meet the ‘Celebrate me’ communication. 

Adding a new ‘surprise and delight style’ communication into your mix helps to maintain engagement between visits.

The celebrate me communication in combination with your automated anniversary communication set-up, means you are reaching every one of your customers at least twice a year, reminding them about your business. 

In TalkBox you can set up a ‘celebrate me’ communication to send once a year on a date of your choice such as six months after their first visit date.

See an example of a ‘celebrate me’ email and SMS below.

Get in touch, we’ll help you celebrate your customers and get you more visits more often.

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook