End of Financial Year – The most unexpected hospitality occasion

As we approach the end of the financial year our attention turns to the taxman and how much we have to do to get our taxes done on time.  

If you’re in hospo, it’s time to see EOFY in a new light.

FUNCTIONS and EVENTS are straightforward:  

Plenty of businesses like to acknowledge the work of their teams by celebrating their success with an event. These often take the form of lunches and after-work catch-ups.  

Looking back at your previous year’s functions will help craft the right packages to target this market. Keep in mind that you need to connect with this audience early to make sure you get their booking.  

Send an email and SMS with your latest function packages and consider inviting them all to a preview night to sample some of the dishes and drinks. 


Gift cards can be a real bonus for your business come EOFY.  Many businesses need to spend the budget that they have allocated particularly for promotions and marketing so they don’t lose it, and they usually need to do it before the actual end of the Financial Year.

Gift cards are a great way to help them spend that budget and keep some value up their sleeve for the upcoming new financial year.

Of course gift vouchers and experiences can also make great thank-you gifts for staff and clients to acknowledge all of their efforts. Why not pitch your gift cards or even special dining experiences to your customers as a perfect business gift.

For assistance in scheduling your EOFY function and gift card communications contact hello@impactdata.com.au 

Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan