How to build your contactable database & carded play

Get more from your loyalty program by improving contact-ability and carded play rates.

Your loyalty program should provide insights into who your best customers are and the effectiveness of your loyalty membership offering.

However many gaming venues face the challenges of members who are not contactable; those who did not provide a valid email or mobile number upon sign up and low carded play rates.  

Here’s a guide to help you improve contact-ability and carded play rates so that you can understand who your best customers and get more from your loyalty program.

1. What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Can your staff clearly explain why a customer should become a member?

Do you offer member pricing, points on spend, free meals on your birthday?  All of the above and more?  All of your staff need to have a complete understanding of how it works and relay the information about joining plus all the benefits of membership.

TIP: A welcome email that follows every sign-up to remind customers about the value of what they signed up for. You could even ask for feedback in that message to understand how effective your staff may have been in creating a great first impression. 

2. Asking every customer if they are a member

Train your staff to ask every customer if they are a member and encourage them to join if they aren’t.  If the customer is a member, remind them they need to use their member card across the venue to reap all the rewards of your program.

Consider a staff bonus program for the most sign-ups or a whole of venue reward if carded play rates increase.

3. Create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is a major driver of consumer behaviour so why not tap into it?  Put ads on your digital and POS screens, publish member pricing on your menus and invite members to first access to book for major events.

Get the message out amongst your members to generate excitement and include images of customers winning member-only promotions in your newsletters.

4. Offer a points bonus promotion

If points can be accrued across the bistro and gaming room why not offer a bonus points promotion to drive carded play?  Make it accessible and of good value to all members, not just your top players to encourage more activity.

5. Member Draws are a winner

Make sure the criteria for your member draw includes that the customers have used their card in a specified number of days to qualify for the draw.  

6. Send a communication to members on screen and on the kiosk

If you can filter customers who are not contactable or are unsubscribed but may still be using a member card to accrue points, you can send them a message on the kiosk or on the service screen. Invite them to update their details at reception. 

7. Send an email and SMS to customers 

Use your TalkBox account to engage with all of your customers regularly. Vouchers can be included in any communication and are a great way to drive repeat visits.  If you have worked hard to build your database and carded play, it’s time to reap the rewards by contacting your members to get them back to your venue.
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook