Take the work out of Player Activity Statements

The PAS Module for TalkBox

Impact Data helps Victorian Gaming venues use data in their businesses to better engage with and understand their customers and automate communications associated with membership and loyalty programs 

In Victoria, every year gaming venues need to issue all players a Player Activity Statement. This task can be challenging, time-consuming and costly if it’s sent by mail.

By working with our partners, Impact Data has made it easier for customers who are also MAX Performance Solutions to automatically manage your venue’s Player Activity Statements.

Introducing the PAS Module for TalkBox. It combines automated emails and SMS and a function that will suspend members if required, all without you having to do a thing.

How it works:

  • We work with you to create email or SMS templates that notify members when they need to view their PAS statement on the kiosk
  • There are two reminders sent. If the member doesn’t access their PAS statement on the kiosk or request one from your staff, their membership will automatically be suspended until they do
  • The messages are sent as non-marketing communication which means even if the customer isn’t subscribed for marketing they will receive these critical communications

What’s in it for your venue:

  • Improve your compliance with VCGLR requirements
  • Reduce your mailing costs
  • No more importing and exporting files between IGT and TalkBox ensuring accuracy
  • Time-saving as this process will run every day as required
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook