Make every customer count

Restrictions are finally beginning to ease and we can start to welcome patrons back into our venues.  With limitations on capacity and adhering to strict social distancing rules, your business may not be at full speed for some time. However, when the time comes and business is back to usual a few simple changes now will set you up for success. Impact Data has put together some tips to help you re-open. 

Make every customer count
Re-opening with limited capacity might mean you have to work smarter to ensure you make the most out of every customer. Capturing their contact details now means you can re-market to them and get them back in using clever communications sent inTalkBox via email or SMS.

  • reservation system will enable you to obtain contact details and control your sitting numbers.  If you have a booking platform such as Now Book ItQuandoo or The Fork, contact us so that we can connect it to your TalkBox account.  Capturing their contact information will enable you to use that valuable information to encourage another visit and gather customer feedback and reviews.
  • Guest WiFi is an easy way to capture the details of your customers that may have not made a booking. Use their visitation data to get them back in and turn them into loyal customers. Want to know more?  Check out our Impact Data Partner chat with WiFi expert Troy Coker.

Making the most of your space

Now that you have the means to capture customer details here’s how can you use TalkBox to help drive your revenue.

  • Let your customers know you are open for business.  If you haven’t added new customers from your Takeaway or online ordering partner to TalkBox, talk to us about how we might be able to help.
  • Prioritise your best customers – send them an SMS message to make them feel special and invite them to make a booking or be added to your priority list for when re-open.
  • Send all new customers a welcome email, maybe include a voucher to use on their next visit? Read about how to make a great first impression here.
  • Still offering takeaway? Send an SMS during usually quiet periods to give your sales a boost.
Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook