Purple WiFi Customers Rejoice, There Is Lots To Celebrate!

Big news for customers who use Purple WiFi to add value to their business. With a new partnership between key Australian Purple WiFi reseller FLEXdata Solutions and Impact Data, your guest WiFi can be the most powerful marketing tool your business has ever seen!

Impact Data has been working With Purple WiFi resellers in the UK to develop an automated marketing program based on guest WiFi data and is now excited to bring it to Australia.

‘Impact Data is thrilled to announce we are working closely With Purple WiFi specialist FLEXdata to help their customers add value to what is already a fantastic service’ said Impact Data CEO Lachlan Opray. ‘With our Impact Data WiFi Package paired with the details of guests logging onto your guest WiFi, we can identify your best customers based upon frequency and duration of visits. We can then send them a voucher to encourage repeat visits. Basically we can help you build a database of your most valuable customers whether you have a loyalty program or not…and we can get them coming back more often,’ Opray said.

‘Here at FLEXdata, we know we offer our clients premier guest WiFi services and now with Impact Data, our customers can get even greater value for their investment’ said Troy Coker, Director and General Manager of FLEXdata.

‘WiFi is a valuable part of many hospitality, retail and destination businesses. Now this data has even more power to drive your customer marketing without our clients needing to lift a finger!’ he said.

For more information on using your Purple WiFi to drive your customer marketing contact Impact Data at hello@impactdata.com.au or on +61 3 9827 7790

Sarah Franklyn
Author: Sarah Franklyn