Happy New Year — It’s time to clean up your TalkBox account

Happy New Year!  

As the calendar turns the page to a new chapter, it’s time to take a moment to pause, reflect and plan to put your best foot forward this year.

So let’s kick the year off with the TalkBox Clean-Up Checklist!

Check the Account Users in your account.

  • Do all your users still work for your organisation?
  • Do all users have their own login (this is best for security and account recovery reasons)?
  • Are the User Roles still appropriate for each user?

Review your standard templates

  • Have you updated logos or key images?
  • Need to change your opening hours?
  • New locations you need to mention in your footer?
  • Updated social media addresses?
  • Check links to key pages like functions and events

Have you changed or added data sources to your business?

  • Check for all the TalkBox connections to see if more of your business partners are on the list

Birthday, automated and scheduled messages

  • Are all your birthday messages active and are all the links up to date?
  • Are you selling gift cards and need a scheduled reminder for your customers?
  • Have you got all the right triggers set up to drive more visits, more often?

Vouchers and Call to Action

  • Are all your offers and vouchers up to date?
  • If you are asking your customers to BOOK NOW or ORDER NOW, are they going to the right pages on your website?
  • Have you added voucher reminders to your offers?

Check your Net Promoter Scores

  • Are your automated feedback NPS emails set up?
  • Have you analysed the report and reviewed the comments to reflect on the feedback for the year?

Check your channels

  • Turn on both email and SMS for all your automated and scheduled messages to make sure you hit 100% of your audience


Get inspired

  • The Team at Impact Data have scoured the globe for all of the fun and quirky hospitality occasions that will no doubt inspire you and your team to create great promotions and maybe even get behind one of the key days that make sense for your business.  Who doesn’t want to be part of International Taco Day!

For help with any of our checklist tasks, contact support@impactdata.com.au 

Niel Vaughan
Author: Niel Vaughan