Impact Data Boosting frozen yoghurt sales during winter

A popular frozen yoghurt chain in Australia successfully convinced customers to eat the icy treat during winter using clever data-driven communications sent through TalkBox. Integrating their loyalty program and POS data (Redcat)  with TalkBox made sending and redeeming vouchers simple for both staff and customers.  With over 18,000 members, the loyalty program offered a rich and vast database that could be used to discover valuable business insights and help drive sales.  Applying automated communications to their loyalty membership data to surprise, delight and reward customers helped bring in an additional $7000 of revenue per month during the off-peak season.  

  1.  Surprising members who had a significant period of absence with a voucher incentive and successfully winning back lost customers.  10% of those who had not visited within a 2 month period returned for their frozen yoghurt fix and redeemed a Redcat voucher that was sent via TalkBox. This visit renewed 61% of customers’ love for the healthy alternative and returned them to regular spending and visitation behaviours. The date triggered automation works to continually re-engage lost members reminding them through the year to come back.
  1. Delighting customers with vouchers and promotions throughout the year developed a dedicated and engaged customer base and drive value from its loyalty program. Using TalkBox to send ad hoc campaigns in order to maintain sales during what was traditionally a quieter period enabled for a more fluid and dynamic marketing strategy. Campaigns offering a 2-4-1 deal were sent to boost sales during particularly quieter times. Receiving an above-average open rate of 27%, members visited the stores bringing their friend along and introducing a new range of customers to the brand. 
  1. The loyalty program rewards it’s members when they reach spending milestones. Those who were close to a free frozen yoghurt were sent a reminder that they were ‘one purchase away.’ This inspired 40% of those who received the promotion to visit a store within 30 days spending on average $15.60 per sale. 

Using their loyalty data not only to surprise, delight and reward members but to drive sales during the off-peak season. Campaigns triggered by visitation and spending positively influenced their customer’s behaviour and resulted in a 13% increase in member transaction.

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook