Make the most of the festive season.

Party on with Impact Data.

The festive season is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times within the hospitality industry. Venues are full, booking lists are long, spirits are high and, so is revenue. Then, come January it all… slows … down…It doesn’t have to! Read our top tips on how to make the festive season last the whole year.

  1. Capture your guest’s data. 

Have you integrated your booking data with TalkBox? We now have integration with most major booking systems such as Quandoo, The Fork and Now Book it! One of the easiest ways to keep your revenue flowing is by growing your contact list and inevitably growing the number of people you can communicate to. You can build your contact list during this busy time, with booking data and / or guest WiFi

2. Make the most of group bookings.

Did you know you can tag and segment those customers who may have made group bookings in the past? By using a filter to segment those who have made a group booking eg. for 10 or more guests, you now have an audience to sell your group booking packages to next year.

3. Ask them to come back.

Over 50% of guests never return for a second visit, most of the time they are never even asked. You can automate communications to send to your guests at set times after their first visit to invite them back. You can also include a voucher or promotion to entice them further.

4. Get personal.

Inboxes are full of batch and blast messages, you can cut through the noise with considered, clever communications. By personalising your communications with merge fields customers are 50% more likely to open your message. 

Does this all sound great, but don’t have the time? Our clever marketing application TalkBox can automate communications to get your customers coming back. We do all the hard work for you, so you can get on with running your venue. 

Contact us to keep the party going all year long.

Kate Brook
Author: Kate Brook