Your TalkBox account is GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents significant EU data privacy law reform, and came into effect on 25 May 2018. Great news, having a TalkBox account with Impact Data means that you are compliant.

Like you, we take your customer’s data and privacy seriously, and in fact are important foundations to the products and services we offer. We view these rights as core to the relationships and trust you have with your contacts, which we help you develop.

We have updated our privacy policy and our terms of use. We’ve also made changes to the Privacy Collection Statements which are accessible by the end contact from each email and SMS message send from TalkBox. This means notice supporting your GDPR compliance will be attached to each message you send.

Impact Data continuously invests in improvements to our products. Our hosting arrangements are GDPR compliant. The TalkBox platform itself has been designed to ensure default use results in best practice with respect to legislation worldwide.

It is important that users of TalkBox consider how contact data was obtained and if appropriate consent to receive marketing material was provided by the individual at the time the data was provided. Note that under the GDPR requirements anyone under the age of 16 must have their parental guardian provide consent to receive your messages.

For all new contacts created in TalkBox, we have added a default feature to give all TalkBox account holders certainty that all contact data collected via TalkBox forms is done so with consent from the contact to receive your messages. TalkBox forms now have a checkbox requiring the contact signing up to confirm consent to receive marketing messages. For users in UK and European regions the default text considers the GDPR requirement to parental guardian consent to be provided if they are under the age of 16. When added this checkbox must be ticked for the form to be submitted and for the data to flow to your TalkBox account for potential communication receipt. Impact Data recommend this option is used on TalkBox forms and a similar process to obtain positively identifiable consent is used anywhere data is gathered for use in TalkBox or for any other marketing communications purpose.

You will need to satisfy yourself that data obtained outside TalkBox forms, such as with data integrations or uploads, has been appropriately obtained.

If you need assistance in creating these forms for your TalkBox account or would like to talk to our Support Team about getting the most out of TalkBox please contact

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