Hands-free marketing with TalkBox Journeys

Introducing TalkBox journeys, a feature that lets you send customers a dynamic series of emails and SMS messages based on their behaviour and engagement to drive more visits, more often. Journeys is part of TalkBox Pro which is now available.

How it works

A customer begins a journey when they qualify for a filter condition or have the specified tag added to their profile. This means customers can start a journey when:

  • They first join your contact list
  • Their membership is expiring in a specified amount of time
  • They reach a spend level
  • They fill out a form such as “function enquiry” and a tag is added to their profile

Your customer moves through the journey based on a specified time period, behaviour or engagement triggers such as:

  • Clicked a link
  • Opened or didn’t open an email 
  • Qualifies for a filter condition eg. reaches spend range.
How can journeys help your business?

Whether you are looking to engage a new member, reward your best customers with a month of promotions or even capture more details to start a birthday club, Impact Data journeys has the tools that you need.

Plus, you can

  • Save time by automating multi-step processes by triggering communications to drive membership renewal 
  • Build deeper relationships with your customers by creating a series of communications to help customers explore your menu or facilities
  • Target customers based on real-time data from your POS, loyalty and even online ordering partners to segment your audience and communicate more effectively
  • Compare the effectiveness of different messaging on the same audience by splitting your audience to discover what works best

Some of the great features include:

  • Multi-trip journeys where a customer can requalify and go on the journey again like a membership renewal process
  • Customers can exit the journey automatically when they fulfill a condition such as visit again or complete a form
  • Our easy to use, drag and drop editor with lots of helpful tips to get you started.

To see how TalkBox drives more visits, more often, automatically

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