Getting ready to reopen?

Here’s your checklist for a successful reopening.

1. Plan your communications
There is a great deal of information to communicate to your customers before and after you reopen. It’s a good idea to plan your communications to ensure you cover it all.

Need help? Download our communications planner.

2. Review and connect additional data sources to TalkBox
Did you add or update your online ordering, WiFi, table reservations or EPOS during lockdown?

Check out our partners, and let’s get you connected.

3. Connect VisitSafe to TalkBox
If your business is using our free tool VisitSafe, to record and store customer visits for COVID-19 contact tracing connect it to your TalkBox account. This means customers who opt-in for marketing will be automatically added to your contact list.

4. Reactivate birthday communications
If your birthday message was paused during lockdown, check your offer and reactivate the communication when you reopen. Get in touch if you need help reactivating.

For customers whose birthday occurred during lockdown, it might be a good idea to let them know you didn’t forget. Use the filters in TalkBox to send a ‘Happy birthday’ communication to anyone who had a birthday during the lockdown period.

5 . Tell customers you are open
A ‘We are back’ SMS, with a link to book, is a great way to re-engage with customers.

Read more about why you need to be using SMS.