Kick start 2021 with the Impact Data email health check

Think email marketing is dead? Think again! 

Let’s be honest, it’s not a new headline as the demise of email marketing has been anticipated by a few for some time. 2020 proved that it’s hardly dead, but rather a vital tool that helped many businesses survive, and some even flourish, during the turbulent period brought on by COVID-19.  Engaging with your customers and members proved to be critical, especially when you need to keep them up to date with what’s happening in your business. 

With more data available than ever before and customers expecting you to acknowledge their relationship in a positive (not creepy) way, it might be time to rethink your approach. Emails are no longer just a digital megaphone for your business. With the clever use of information your customers volunteered to you, it’s easy to create engaging communications they actually want to read.

Nearly 30% of small businesses surveyed in the recent Smart Company Small Business Trends research indicated they were planning to spend more on email marketing in 2021.

If you want to keep pace with your competitors and drive your business, you need a plan that will continually improve your customer engagement. Your customers will demand to see more relevant, targeted and personalised communications.

Why not start the new year with an email marketing health check? 

1. Check your levels of engagement
  • Are your open rates improving or decreasing?
  • What are the types of emails that get opened most?
2. Update your branding
  • If your communications and branding have been looking the same for a while, chances are your audience are taking a little less notice. Update your communications and branding to reflect and feature the season, new products or events that are happening in your business.
  • Use animated gifs to capture attention
  • Most customers interact with email on their phone, so make sure you preview your communication in the smartphone view to ensure valuable content is still front and centre.
3. Get personal
  • Are you using the right level of personalisation? Use ‘merge fields’ such as ‘First name’ in subject lines and body of an email
  • Are you using recent behaviour to trigger communications, such as sending an offer to entice a lost customer or asking for a review from a recent guest?
4. Get to know your customers
  • When was the last time you checked their details or asked something else to get to know them better?
  • Would knowing they are a vegan or vegetarian, a local or a visitor be meaningful in your communications?

TIP: An ‘Update details’ campaign is a great way to enrich your customer data.

5. Avoid email blasting
  • We are all a little guilty of hitting the ‘send to all contacts’ button when pressure is up. Stop, think and plan for segmented communications that are relevant to the recipients.

Want more? Talk to us today about ways to improve the success of your email marketing.

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