How to reconnect with your members after the COVID-19 lockdown

2020 has been challenging for businesses on many fronts. With more time spent out of your venue than in it, how do you reconnect with members, ensure they stay members and keep coming back to your venue.

If you have made the decision to extend your membership term, reset points or give members more time to hit a hurdle or tier, you need to inform them of the change in conditions.

Your TalkBox account has a number of features that can assist you and help you improve the contactability of your database.

Here’s some of the tools that can help you:

1. Non-marketing communications

Sending a non-marketing communication is a feature that you can use to connect with all members even if they are not currently subscribed.  This is because critical membership updates are not marketing so you can use our feature to communicate with your whole member base.  Remember the primary purpose of the communication cannot be marketing but you should include an invitation to customers to update their details online or in-venue so they aren’t missing out on member benefits. If you have a large portion of your database that’s unsubscribed this is your best way to connect with your members. 

2. Get attention with SMS

Did you know that on average people check their phones 96 times a day, that’s once every 10 minutes!  This means that SMS is your best chance at getting your members attention.  An SMS sent from TalkBox is much more than 160 characters,  you can attach a beautifully designed and enticing email that showcases all the best parts of your venue and menu.  Need help?  Reach out to

3. Turn on automated messages. 

Whether it’s welcome, birthday, lost or a scheduled function reminder, always-on type communications mean your TalkBox account is always working for you.  Need inspiration? See how you can use automated communications here. 

4. New fields in your account

If you are an Impact Data Package client you might have some new fields in your account.  Over the last few months we have been upgrading accounts and adding new calculations such as weekdays visited and visit frequency.  These fields give you a chance to prioritise customers that haven’t come back since you re-opened and send them your best offer. Learn more about what these fields can do here.

5. Use vouchers to bring customers back

If you haven’t tried vouchers to drive customers and members back, now might be the time.  We have a selected number of partners that have a TalkBox voucher integration including SwiftPOS, Bepoz, Senpos and H&L/Zen.  If you have another provider you can use TalkBox vouchers which are simple to set up and even have ‘happy hour’ functionality

6. Get connected with our partners

If your member database is a bit stale it might be time to give it a boost.  Have you added new partners to your business such as a reservation booking platform, online ordering partner or even order at table?  Chances are that there are a number of potential new members hidden in those databases.  Talk to us about how to connect these additional partners and grow your database and membership.

7. Add all your marketing Opt-ins from VisitSafe

The pathway to reopening meant many businesses used a ‘track and trace tool’. If you have used VisitSafe by Impact Data we can add those recent visitors who have opted in for marketing to your database.

The Impact Data team are here to help you reconnect with your members and grow your business so connect with us at and we will work through a plan with you.