Think Black Friday isn’t for your business? Think again

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is the biggest shopping weekend of the year and the unofficial kick-off of the festive shopping season. The four-day retail event traditionally starts with an in-store bargain hunt, ending with an online ‘click frenzy.’ Despite the changes, restrictions and economic uncertainty, with the right strategy in place businesses can use the new  consumer behaviour to strength and secure growth for the future. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the retail landscape, and along with it the purchasing preferences, behaviours and habits of consumers. Whilst in-store visits took a nosedive, online traffic reached unfathomable heights, paving the way for a new customer-business relationship. Businesses who could communicate with email and SMS with their customers when they weren’t physically on premise fell on less shaky ground than those who couldn’t. 

Many hospitality businesses also embraced online stores for hampers, dinner boxes and even their famous condiments.  Why not build on this momentum and create special packages with a Black Friday theme.

This year, after all we have learnt, we are now looking at a magnificent opportunity to regain some lost ground in both retail and online hospitality. Let’s turn this busy period regardless if your business is a bricks and mortar store or online into your best one yet.

Here’s how….

Capture their details

Create members only discount offers – this will encourage new customers to sign up, join your contact list.  Building your contact list means you can promote offers, new products or get them back after their first visit or purchase. 

Welcome or onboard new customers

Great they have signed up, now what? Don’t wait 6 months when things get quiet and you think ‘oh maybe I should send an email to my contact list’… Set up an automated communication that welcomes them to your store, tell your story and maybe even dangle a little carrot to get them back? 10% discount on your next purchase? 

Your secret weapon

Here’s the clue: You use it every day to talk to friends and family. 

SMS is a powerful and often underutilized marketing tool.  SMS reaches more customers than any other marketing platform and most are opened within 90 seconds after being received. Targeting customers with the tools they use is the perfect way to get the attention of a busy and distracted customer. 

SMS could help remind your customers about you while promoting your Black Friday sales. SMS is great to re-engage with customers who may not respond to other forms of marketing. 

Here are a few tips for Sending an SMS to promote your Black Friday sales:

  1. Keep your SMS short and tactical. Have a call to action that will get results, such as a time sensitive discount. 
  1. Make it personal. Include a merge field such as first name to grab your reader’s attention. 
  1. Make it more than just an SMS. In TalkBox you can  include additional information or promote the best Black Friday offers with images and text by selecting ‘add promotion.’ This will take you to the email editor where you can create a branded flyer with links to your website or directions to your store. 

Customers expect to receive lots of marketing during this time so sending 1 SMS each day with a different special or deal, can help to increase engagement as they anticipate what the next offer could be. 

Want to build better relationships with your customers and set your business up for success? Talk to us today.