Bring back more customers with TalkBox vouchers

Did your customers take advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme? You might have noticed how much your customers love a discount or promotion. Why not reward them and keep business moving by sending an SMS or email with a TalkBox voucher.

A voucher can be inserted into an email with the drag and drop editor or added to an SMS by selecting ‘add promotion’ in the SMS editor.

TalkBox vouchers can help to:
Boost business during a quiet period such as mid-week lunch.
Bring back lost customers with a free drink voucher.
Introduce new customers to your business with 2-4-1 vouchers.
Promote happy hours with limited validity vouchers.

No Voucher scanners? No Problem!
The TalkBox voucher scanning app is downloadable from Apple App Store or Google Play. Simply download the app to any internet-enabled smartphone and scan TalkBox vouchers direct from a customer’s smartphone making the entire process contactless.