UK Govt calls for mandatory track and tracing; Impact Data has you covered with VisitSafe

The UK government has acted to force hospitality businesses to capture details of customers from September 14 to allow for track and tracing for COVID-19.  This action which has been optional until now means it’s time to get your business sorted. Impact Data is here to help with our application VisitSafe. 

Impact Data, created VisitSafe to help businesses re-open, confident they are keeping the community safe.

VisitSafe is a contactless solution allowing customers to use their own devices to add the details about their visit when entering a venue. Guest details are securely stored and can be retrieved by that business at any time. Businesses simply log on to, register and then share the URL or QR code with their customers. 

As well as capturing guests details to comply with government guidelines, VisitSafe gives your customers the options to opt-in for marketing. Sending business updates, and inviting guests to return is a fantastic way to keep driving business. Melbourne Restaurant Embla used their opted-in VisitSafe customers to double their takeaway orders.  Want to know how? Read more here.

Opt-in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account. 

Thousands of businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the UK have already signed up for VisitSafe,  with almost 3 million visits recorded safely.  VisitSafe is a completely free service and takes less than 1 minute to sign up. Impact Data has built this platform to help businesses open and stay open.  For more details go to