4 Million safe visits and counting

VisitSafe is helping businesses all over the world keep their customers safe by safely and securely recording customer contact details for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Did you know VisitSafe customers can elect to be added to your marketing database as they check-in? These customers are the most recent and highly engaged audience and can help keep your business moving.

We helped Melbourne restaurant, Embla, connect with their customers and double takeaway orders in one weekend.

Connecting VisitSafe to their Impact Data TalkBox account meant customers who opted-in to receive marketing communications were now added to their contact list.

Their list was compiled of their most recent and highly engaged customers and proved to be an incredibly valuable tool that they used to keep business moving.

The response from sending just one email was so overwhelming they needed to increase the capacity for orders that weekend and still sold out. Read more here.

Embla now sends regular communications with TalkBox to drive over 60% sales of their takeaway and delivery menu every week.

If you already have TalkBox you can automatically add them. Click here to read how.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that might help

How can I tell if someone is checked in?
You can see on your customer’s device that they have checked-in and you can check your latest check-ins at visitsafe.at/checkins

My customers are having some issues using the QR code, what should I do?
Some phones might have issues reading a QR code so simply direct your customers to access it via your unique URL, e.g. visitsafe.at/mybusinessname

How long is the data kept for?
Data is kept for 57 days, as the longest requirement is 56 days. However, contacts that have opted in for marketing will kept until you want to access them.

How can I use the contact data where marketing consent has been provided?
This data is available for extraction directly from your VisitSafe account. Impact Data can also load this data directly into your Impact Data TalkBox account. Don’t have TalkBox? Click here to ask us about setting up your free 1 month trial.

Sign up for our free, contactless tool VisitSafe here.