Impact Data partner Mr Yum helping connect you with customers within 5km

Mr Yum is an online ordering platform that lets customers order from their own device whether they are down the street, on their couch or at a table inside your venue.  Impact Data integrates with Mr Yum so you can stay connected with customers who order via this platform. 

In response to stage 4 restrictions, Mr Yum is launching a ‘Find & order yummy takeaway within 5km from your home!’ so you can get found by local customers.

Customers will enter in their address and see all venues within 5km of them. List your venue on this support local page to reach more customers within 5km. 

It is FREE to list, no ongoing fees, and takes 2 minutes to sign up. Mr Yum has also reduced its fees for all Victorian venues during stage 4.

To find out more or Sign up visit  –

Using Mr Yum?
Connect it to your TalkBox account so you can keep all these new customers coming back. If you need some inspiration to help promote your take away read our tips on telling your takeaway story here. 

Want to boost takeaway sales?
SMS has proved to be a powerful tool to help reach every customer and drive sales of their takeaway offering. Read about how one Syndey restaurant received and additional 150 order just from one SMS campaign here. 

Find more tips on how to use SMS to dramatically boost your sales during this time here.

Talk to us today if you need help getting connected.