How VisitSafe helped Melbourne restaurant through lockdown 2.0

Award-winning restaurant Embla had only just welcomed their much-loved guests back before the second round of lockdown was announced for Melbourne in July.  The popular CBD wine bar and restaurant previously had a no-booking policy, and every night the dining room was buzzing, with a long waitlist of hopeful diners and Jazz blasting on the stereo. The new guidelines for businesses introduced post-lockdown meant drastic operational changes.  Embla now needed to take bookings, record guest details, limit capacity, and they may have even turned the music down, a little bit.

The second round of lockdown came hard and fast and meant relaunching their weekly set menu for delivery and take away. This time they used digital marketing platform TalkBox by Impact Data to promote it and tapped into their most recent and highly engaged customer list they had been building for a short time with VisitSafe and their online booking system.  After just one email to their contact list, they generated over $5000 in additional revenue. 

To adhere with requirements for contact tracing, Embla asked their guests to register their visits using VisitSafe.  When registering their visit customers could also opt-in to receive marketing communications from that business. Approximately 12% of customers have agreed to receive marketing communications when registering their visit. 

Never having sent an email communication before, Embla was initially unsure of how receptive their customers would be. The response from customers was so overwhelming they needed to increase the capacity for orders for that weekend and still sold out.  Open rates were over 60%, which proved Embla’s customers were keen to receive updates from their favourite city wine bar. 

‘We had no idea how receptive our customers would be, we didn’t realise they still want to hear from us when they aren’t here. We had our biggest weekend since lockdown thanks to just one email campaign.’ Embla manager – Andrew Green

Having a highly engaged and invested customer base can be a safeguard and help keep business moving. Embla now sends regular communications with TalkBox to drive over 60% sales of their takeaway and delivery menu every week.

By capturing and unlocking the customer data from systems that are already in your business, you can build an audience that wants to hear from you quickly.  Talk to the team at Impact Data today on how you can stay connected with your customers and drive your business.

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