Keep your customers safe with a free tool from Impact Data – VisitSafe

Introducing VisitSafe, a free tool designed to help re-open your business confident you’re keeping the community safe. A contactless way to safely record and store customer visits to meet government requirements for COVID-19 contact tracing. 

 ‘VisitSafe was launched by our Australian operation just before their 1 June hospitality restart and has already helped more than a thousand businesses to record visitor check-in details. Following the UK government announcement that businesses are required to record visitor details, we’re thrilled that we can immediately offer a proven solution to businesses here in the UK.

Our goal was to make VisitSafe as easy as possible for businesses to set-up and use. So making it free and super-fast to set-up was critical. Customers and other visitors can use their own devices to check-in so businesses can use VisitSafe assured they are keeping the community safe.’ Impact Data CEO Lachlan Opray

Powered by Impact Data the team behind the clever marketing application TalkBox, VisitSafe is a completely free service for all businesses that can be set up in under 1 minute. Records will be accessible and securely stored then automatically deleted as per government regulation. 

Government-imposed regulations designed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 will require businesses to collect contact details for every customer who enters their venue.  While the government will provide guidance, businesses are required to handle the recording of this information. The problematic task of keeping sensitive information such as customer details as well as the issues around customers sharing pens and paper is solved with Impact Data’s tool, VisitSafe.

VisitSafe is a contactless solution allowing customers to use their own devices to add the details about their visit when entering a venue. Guest details are securely stored and can be retrieved by that business at any time. Businesses simply log on to, register and then share the URL or QR code with their customers. 

As well as capturing guests details to comply with government guidelines, VisitSafe gives your customers the options to opt-in for marketing. Sending business updates, and inviting guests to return is a fantastic way to keep driving business. Opt-in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account.  

How does it work?

  1. Signup at and choose your unique URL for example We also give you a QR code pointing to your URL.  
  2. Ask staff to present visitors with your unique URL and or QR code. 
  3. Customers are directed to an online form where they can enter details on their own device. Details of their visit such as time and date will be recorded and securely held.
  4. Log back in to to download your records if required.
  5. That’s it! We automatically delete records as per government requirements.

Stay in touch with your customers
VisitSafe gives your customers the options to opt-in for marketing so you can send them business updates and keep them coming back. Opt in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account.  

Multiple venues?
No problem! You can set up multiple VisitSafe venue accounts. You just need to provide a unique email address for each venue account you setup.

Already an Impact Data TalkBox user? 
Just add your TalkBox account API key at VisitSafe. Job done!

Not an Impact Data TalkBox customer?
Talk to us about TalkBox today!

Not interested in marketing?
No problem, VisitSafe is freely available for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment to use VisitSafe?
No. Any internet-enabled device such as a mobile phone can be used to access your VisitSafe form URL to check-in details.

What customer details should be entered when checking-in?
Per state government guidelines customers should be checked in with their name, phone number and table number. If you are asking customers to check themselves in please ensure the table number at which they are seated is clearly displayed.

What if a customer doesn’t have a phone number?
If a customer doesn’t have a phone number then can enter their email address or home address in the “phone number” field.

What if one person wants to check-in all customers at a table?
Details of multiple customers can be added from a single device by submitting the form multiple times.

How can staff be sure my customers have checked-in?
Staff can ask to see the form success page. Staff can take details verbally and check customers in on their own device. Alternately staff can view the reports to see who has and has not checked-in.