Telling your take away and delivery story

Hospitality businesses across the globe are rapidly changing their offering to takeaway and delivery options to keep some form of revenue flowing in. For many businesses this has been a massive upheaval to operations and the focus has been on selecting the right technology partner and assessing your menu’s appropriateness. Delivery and takeaway may become an important part of your business model now and when things return to normal.

Now it’s time to tell your customers!

Simply changing your business to delivery won’t guarantee it will work, you need to engage your audience and get them purchasing.  Impact Data has gathered the top tips to help you grow your takeaway and delivery business.

  1. Create a beautiful email with images of your food.  If you don’t have images of your new menu do your best and take some shots of what’s on offer now.
  2. Send an SMS to reach every customer. SMS gets the immediate attention of your customers. Delivered straight into their handset, including a promotion they can’t refuse is an excellent way to boost take away sales. See examples here.
  3. Talk about how to access your delivery or pre-ordering.  If you have gone low tech and are just using a phone number considering sending an SMS message to your best customers so they can call you direct.
  4. If you have chosen one of the third party delivery options like Uber Eats they will market your business but don’t take your eye off your existing customers so consider creating special offers that you can send to them to redeem on these platforms.
  5. Plan your communications.  If you have a different menu across the week or theme nights then plan to send regular messages to let customers know what this week’s menu is.
  6. Think about special events.  Now that we can’t gather for Mothers Day, birthdays or other special occasions people have turned to video events.  Can your business deliver in multiple locations so families can still enjoy Sunday dinner at the same time, all from your business?
  7. Birthdays still matter.  If you have your customers date of birth and you previously sent them an offer to dine in, why not send them an offer for delivery?
  8. Ask for reviews by setting up Feedback in TalkBox.  Not only is this important to understand how your customers are viewing your current options, getting feedback and reviews on your socials can help keep you top of mind and boost your brands profile.
  9. Get your customers involved.  Ask customers to post photos enjoying your food to their socials and tag your business. 
  10. Use this time to get to know your customers better.  Set up a TalkBox form and ask things like favourite menu item or drink.  You can then even send offers relating to your customers favourite dishes.

And most importantly, gather and connect your data.  

If you are using a delivery partner that allows you to capture and keep your customer data then get it into your TalkBox account so you can build your business now and after the crisis.

For help with telling your delivery story or connecting your data to TalkBox, talk to us at 

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