Helping your business navigate the virus

With the unfolding COVID-19 situation, world authorities are working hard to protect communities. In these times following health advice and keeping individuals safe is the priority. The most critical advice is if you or your staff are unwell then do not present for work.  

Airlines such as Qantas and British Airways have shown good leadership with their customer engagement by providing flexibility and assurances that every effort is being made to provide a safe environment for travel.

As TalkBox users you also have an opportunity to reach out and talk to your customers – TODAY!  Right now is the time to remind your customers that your business is doing all it can to service them safely. You can log into TalkBox, compose a message and send a voucher or offer that will drive business today.

Use the best images of your business and your food to remind people why they love visiting you and entice them with that photogenic cocktail or amazing pasta dish.

The sort of messages you should be communicating to your customers right now are:

  • We are open for business and we care about your health.  Let customers know you have extra hand sanitiser available on the bar, your staff have been briefed on cleaning protocols and they will be keeping the toilet soap dispensers stocked etc
  • An offer to come in this weekend, perhaps a 2 for 1 main meal or something generous which will bring in some new customers.  Give customers a reason to leave home and come in and enjoy your hospitality
  • Let customers and members know that your events are going ahead.  Running poker or trivia?  Message customers to let them know it’s going ahead as normal
  • AFL and NRL seasons are upon us, remind customers what a great place your venue is to watch the game
  • We deliver!  If you have delivery partners to deliver your food, then promote that.

If the worst does happen and we need to go into lockdown there are a number of communications that might be critical to get out to your customers:

  • Let them know you are closed and that you will communicate when you are set to re-open.  When you are ready to open go strong with an offer to get people back into the habit of visiting you ASAP.
  • Vouchers and gift cards will be honoured or extended beyond the closure period
  • Function bookings can be moved without penalty or cancelled if dates cant be rescheduled.

Don’t wait for your customers to decide not to go out and seek your hospitality, make hay while the sun shines and protect your hospitality business as best you can against any possible issues that might arise.

Need help with your messages or vouchers?  Reach out to