Dalziel Park and Impact Data WiFi Package

Getting to #1

Mark Tunstall from Impact Data recently asked Cameron King from the Lisini Pub Company Ltd for some feedback on using the Impact Data WiFi Package at Dalziel Park

Here’s what Cameron had to say: “Impact Data’s WiFi Package has been a fantastic tool for our business, helping us grow our database and increase our event bookings.

In the four months since signing up for WiFi Package — combining Fydelia with TalkBox — we have added 4,260 subscribers to our database.

The support team helped us set up an automated email for new subscribers, asking for feedback after their visit.

Customers who rate us highly receive a follow-up email inviting them to review us on TripAdvisor or Facebook, which has seen us rise from third to first place on TripAdvisor for hotels in our area. This has been a goal of ours for some time and we couldn’t be more delighted.

We’ve also been using TalkBox to promote our tribute nights and party nights, which has increased our event bookings by 20-30%.”

If you would like to learn how an Impact Data WiFi Package could deliver for your venue click here.